How to Avoid Global Warming According to Experts?

E-boards Help Environment

It is no secret that our planet has been in an emergency situation for a few years. Climate change has already brought us global warming, and it could lead to global catastrophe if we don't prevent it.

Global warming is the situation in which the average temperature of the planet has risen, mainly due to greenhouse gas emissions. The greenhouse effect causes these gases to enter our atmosphere but cannot leave, thus increasing the temperature of the Earth. Most of these emissions are the product of human activity, and therefore it is in our power to reduce them before it is too late.

Can electric skateboards reduce global warming?

Climate change, environmental protection and going green are three words we often hear. The global impact of pollution, deforestation and a general lack of concern for the planet means it is now fighting for survival.

Electric skateboards are environmentally friendly. Excessive smog from the cars we drive contributes to air pollution. Our Veymax Skateboard do not burn fossil fuels and therefore emit no CO2. Therefore, it contributes to the recovery of the planet.

We live in a society where natural gas, electricity and other forms of energy are readily available. However, something as simple as turning off the lights when you're not in the room can have a positive impact. There are many energy programs that can help people reduce the amount of carbon their homes emit into the environment.

A few years ago, no one would have thought twice about driving five minutes to the local store, but we now know that exhaust fumes are one of the biggest culprits of harmful emissions.

In recent years, more and more people are leaving their cars at home and opting for environmentally friendly modes of transportation such as bicycles and public transport.

Carpooling is also a popular option, but plug-in electric vehicles offer people a sustainable way to get around without compromising on convenience.

In this context, what can we do? The UN gives us some advice to avoid global warming that we can all follow individually, and that would save us collectively if we all took them into account.

1. Promote the use of renewable energy

Renewable energies are inexhaustible sources of energy that help us achieve a more sustainable future for our planet. We are talking, for example, about electricity, wind or solar energy. Even having an electric skateboard will always pollute much less than having a gasoline or diesel one. Using renewable energy is the first step to avoid global warming.

In addition, we can also save energy at home, for example, turning off electrical appliances that we do not use, the light in rooms where we are not, closing the windows in winter to keep the house warm without heating, buying more efficient appliances.

2. Use public transport

Imagine a person in a car, and what pollutes that car. Now imagine 5 people in 5 cars, or 5 people in a car. Better the second option, right? Well, by the same rule of thumb, public transport is one of the best options to reduce emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere.

Another option if you want to get around individually, is to do it by bike, scooter or even on foot. Think about it, do you really need to take the car for a 10-minute journey?

3. Reuse and recycle as much as possible

Since we are little, at school we are taught how important it is to recycle. Unfortunately, many people forget about this topic when they reach their adult stage.

65% of the trash we generate at home can be recycled, but instead most of it ends up in landfills. In these landfills, the rubbish decomposes and gives rise to small CO2 emissions that we could have saved if we had recycled.

However, as some CO2 is also emitted in the transport of recyclable materials (although it could be avoided with more ecological means of transport, we hope it will happen), the best option is always to reuse. If a glass bottle or a plastic bag can serve us again, all the better.

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