Go Skateboarding With Your Electric Skateboard

Go Skateboarding Day 2023

Today, skateboarding is popular all over the world, both among children and adults. Skateboarding, with the performance of various tricks, is even classified as an extreme sport. The electric skateboarding, which has gradually become one of the urban transportation methods in recent years, is becoming more popular.

The holiday itself appeared in 2004. It was initiated by American skateboarders who first spent such a day on the West Coast of the United States. And in the same year, the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC), declared June 21 Go Skateboarding Day. Since then, this holiday has been celebrated annually.

All over the world on this day, all skaters take to the streets to celebrate and ride! Also, in a number of countries and cities, competitions of various levels are timed to coincide with this day.

Enjoy the moment of riding electric skateboard

In fact, Go Skateboarding Day is a whole culture of like-minded people devoted to their favorite pastime. No matter you are riding an Electric Skateboard or a normal skateboarder. In addition, Skateboarding Day serves as proof that you can achieve any heights if you wish.

After all, International Skateboarding Day is not just a holiday, but a great opportunity to break away to the fullest in the company of like-minded people or learn to skateboard and freely cut through the streets on your favorite, high-speed and beautiful board!

It's a special day when skating fans reclaim their culture and celebrate the rebellion, freedom and creativity inherent in the sport.

It’s also a time for skaters to promote the benefits of skateboarding and openly highlight its impact on positive youth empowerment.

In addition, I want to tell you the precautions for riding an electric skateboard. Not too dangerous in most cases though, as long as you know what you're doing.

Avoid dangerous areas or terrain

Sports venues are obviously one of the places that can get busy while riding. Combine hordes of cyclists, hordes of spectators, obstacles set up for the race, and you have a recipe for disaster. Therefore, it is important to avoid riding at high speeds in crowds.

Avoid riding in areas with obstructed vision

How do you know there's no danger if you can't see what's ahead? I know people are having a lot of fun on World Skate Day, even into the night. But riding an electric skateboard at night presents a whole host of other problems, not least because you can see less and other people can't see you.

Beware of other inexperienced riders

We've mentioned several times now that riding an electric skateboard safely is often a matter of experience, i.e. not yet ready to ride.

But it doesn't just apply to you, it also applies to other people around you.

If someone wants to ride your electric skateboard and you know they might fall, don't let them ride it. Or, at least, keep an eye on them before they hurt too badly. Especially children should take extra care.

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