Stylish Transportation: Veymax Electric Skateboard

Electric Longboards of Veymax

Electric skateboards are nothing new. These boards are fast and a lot of fun! ! They give the impression of flying low. When a person looks around and ahead, it feels like they are slipping 6 inches off the road. People don't like taking short trips by car, preferring to glide to the morning paper pile and back.

Riding an electric skateboard is very easy, even if you've never used them before. Perhaps, they are much easier than regular skateboards because you can keep both feet on the deck. Electric skateboards can be controlled using a controller that manages acceleration and braking. While it can be fun, the bulky battery makes it a hassle and less fun to use. That's why we present the Veymax X1 - a stylish yet functional electric skateboard that lets you traverse any terrain with ease.


Let's start with the looks, because you'll definitely want to show it off on the road. Our electric skateboard X1 is a black street surfer. It features an airbrushed skull print design and a deck made from Canadian maple. The Veymax X1 has attractive hardware, including four wheels, brushless motors and batteries. It's powered using one of the finest aircraft-grade components available.


Our electric skateboard and its battery weigh 28kg/61lbs. It can withstand a maximum load of up to 150 kg (330 lbs).


The Veymax X1 has a top speed of 46 km/h (29 mph) and a motor power up to 2x540w. Thanks to its all-terrain super-grip cloud wheels, you can ride this electric skateboard anywhere, from sandy sidewalks to grassy sidewalks. Do you like dirt skateboarding? No worries, the Veymaxboard X1 is ready for muddy road terrain.


This electric skateboard lets you get from point A to point B without breaking a sweat. All the rider needs to do is use the wireless remote control to control the speed and of course maintain the balance.


The board features an ABS braking system that allows novice skaters to gradually slow down when approaching a downhill or stop sign. The Veymax X1 takes longboard safety and utility to a whole new level.


It takes about 2 hours to charge the lithium battery, and the input voltage is 36v.

Now let's ride

Riding a Veymax electric skateboard is one of the best sports experiences you will ever experience - better than riding a motorcycle or even driving a car. It delivers both the physical engagement of the sport and the performance of the vehicle. Electric skateboards are suitable for urban commuters, professionals, beginners and anyone who wants to enjoy the fun of skating.

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