The True Environmental Impact of Electric Skateboards

Eco-friendly veymax electric skateboard

There is no question that we must drastically reduce carbon emissions in the coming years to stop the worst effects of climate change. How we do this has been a matter of long debate. As an individual, it can be difficult to know where to invest your time and money, and it may seem that individual actions have little effect.

Extreme weather leads to increased energy consumption. The study found that New York City experienced an 18 percent increase in energy use in the summer of 2018 and a 13 percent increase in winter energy use. However, these increases were not offset by reductions in vehicle emissions.

The study also found that passenger car emissions have fallen by just 1% since 2005.

Emissions from the transport sector have increased rapidly over decades

In fact, the EPA found that overall transportation costs, including cars, trucks, ships, trains, planes, account for more than 28 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, with more than half of those emissions coming from passenger cars and trucks.

While other industries, notably electricity, have struggled to reduce their carbon footprints, emissions from the land transport sector have worsened over the past few years as the industry expanded faster than it could innovate.

According to the survey, most of the distance Americans travel by gasoline vehicles is less than 3 miles. These excursions can be done on foot, by bicycle, or on an environmentally friendly electric skateboard. Micromobility advocates have argued for years that environmentally friendly light-duty electric vehicles could cover most travel needs, with emissions as low as 1-2 percent of cars.

Eco-friendly Veymax Board

Today, lightweight electric skateboards have very low emissions. These boards do not come with carbon luggage. Small, fast, and lightweight, portable electric skateboards are by far the most exciting and convenient way to travel short distances, as well as one of the greenest and coolest options.

In fact, the difference between riding a scooter and taking it to the grocery store, coffee shop, or office is huge. From a physical point of view, it stands to reason that skateboards are more environmentally friendly than cars, especially without increasing the cost of maintaining the environment.

Electric skateboards help mitigate carbon impact on the environment

When you travel by skateboard instead of traveling by car, you'll be three times more efficient, if not more than triple.

Electric skate boards are undoubtedly one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel short distances, second only to walking or riding a traditional non-motorized bicycle or kicking a skateboard or skateboard. And they're also cheap.

Traveling by Veymax E-skateboard

The environmental benefits of owning a skateboard have become more apparent over the past three years. During this period we have seen a historic drop in carbon emissions due to lockdowns, travel restrictions, working from home. Concerns about taking public transportation in big cities have led to a huge increase in demand for motorized skateboards.

Skateboards are now in much higher demand than ever before, and that demand is trending towards more convenient and environmentally friendly electric skateboards. The more people in urban areas adopt micro-mobility solutions such as electric longboards, the greater the environmental impact.

The deleterious impact of fossil fuel emissions on global temperatures is probably beyond doubt. Governments and businesses will need to do more to lower emissions in the coming years. But without a doubt, owning a fast, reliable, portable, and fun electric skateboard like Veymax Board is one of the best ways for individuals to lessen their environmental impact and make positive changes for the world.

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