Veymax Roadster X4S Unboxing and First Look

Veymax Roadster X4S Unboxing

At present, most electric skateboards cost thousands of dollars, which discourages riders with insufficient funds. Veymax hopes to allow more people to enjoy the fun and convenience of electric longboards and launched a model that is more suitable for beginners who have never touched electric skateboards, and the price is also very affordable.

Now, let's dive right into this Veymax X4 Unboxing!

Veymax packs its products in 2 corrugated boxes. There is also a layer of sponge wrapped in the carton to protect the Electric Skateboard and accessories well.

veymax x4 unboxing

Board display of Veymax Roadster X4S

This is the high-end version of the X4 series, Veymax Roadster X4S. The deck features a minimalist design, and the high-density non-slip sandpaper provides an extra measure of safety to keep riders safe as they conquer the streets. In addition to the logo "VEYMAX" on the sandpaper, a small white arrow pattern is printed on the head, which allows the rider to distinguish the front section very well.

Veymax Roadster X4S is made of 8 layers of Canadian maple, 1 layers of fiberglass composite material - a high-tech design to ensure a flexible and stable riding experience, and the rider can challenge more terrains.

veymax skateboard display

It has a spacious deck with a length of 37.8 inches and a width of 9.8 inches (length 96cm and 24.9cm), which maximizes the flexibility of the board under the solid board. Make the riding experience more comfortable, travel in the city, and ensure the stability and use experience when you ride for a long time.

material of veymax e-board

Crash plate, a premium add-on designed to protect the board's panels from nicks, chips, scratches.

crash plate of veymax roadster x4

The Veymax X4S is paired with 105x65mm wheels with a hardness of 78A for durability and traction in harsh environments.

Provides riders with good handling and a smooth ride.

veymax roadster x4 wheels

The Veymax Roadster X4 Series uses a split case setup. The casing is well-designed, with a sense of machinery and technology.

10S2P, SAMSUNG 40T 21700 batteries are installed in the front shell of the X4S skateboard, which is the battery of choice for high-quality electric skateboards currently on the market.

case of e-board battery

The rear shell is equipped with ESC, which is the LY-FOC ESC of all X4 series ESCs. Precise control makes the ride smoother and more beginner-friendly.

case of veymax x4 esc

Accessories display of Veymax Roadster X4S

In terms of electronic speed controller, Veymax X4 adopts Lingyi ESC, which has a one-button start function. It has 4 speed modes and 4 brake modes, all individually adjustable. Here are some simple operations:

1. To turn on the remote control, please press and hold the on/off button for 3 seconds, and the LCD screen will display all functions and information.

2. To turn off the remote, please press and hold the On/Off button for 3 seconds or until the screen turns off.

3. Always put the control pad in the first position and the remote in the second position. The operation is convenient, allowing you to easily control the speed and acceleration of the skateboard.

veymax roadster x4 remote

This time, among the new products of veymax, a pair of taillights are also presented as a gift to provide safety for riders who ride at night.

There are 6 modes of the gift taillights that can be changed: constant light mode, single flash mode, breathing mode, double flash mode, horse racing mode and Tai Chi mode.

taillights of veymax x4

Veymax also gifts a tool kit.

There are a T-tool and a 6-point wrench for easy adjustments and repairs when needed.

There is also an extra set of bolts, which can be used for backup if the bolts are lost when disassembling and assembling the electric skateboard.

electric skateboard tool kit

Finally, the User Manual, the important thing before riding our Veymax electric skateboard.

It mainly introduces how to use Veymax Roadster X4 and some precautions.

user manual of veymax roadster x4

That's all about what's in the Veymax Roadster X4S package!

So, would you choose to buy a Veymax Roadster X4 series electric skateboard?

If you're in the market for an affordable electric skateboard with solid performance, the Veymax X4 is a solid choice. This is still a very good entry-level electric skateboard.

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