Replace the Lithium Battery for Electric Skateboards by Yourself

Replacing Electric Skateboard Battery

Electric skateboard is a fashionable and light vehicle, which can be used not only for commuting, but also for shopping and outings. Many car owners will find it hard to put it down after using it a few times.

Although individual motorized skateboards are light and easy to use, their weakness is that their batteries are limited by volume and weight, resulting in short battery life. Coupled with the natural loss of batteries, many old electric skateboards are faced with the problem of replacing new batteries.

Learn About Legacy Electric Skateboard Batteries

1. Voltage. The battery capacity of the Veymax Skateboard can be selected according to one's own needs. The more common battery packs have nominal capacities of 5, 10.4, 12, 15, 18, and 21 (units are Ah). The larger the capacity, the longer the battery life. However, it should be noted that the output voltage of the battery pack must be relatively fixed. The common output voltages are 24V, 36V, and 48V.

It is not difficult to know the voltage of the original battery, just look at the output voltage of the charger. Under normal circumstances, the output voltage of the charger is 42V, which means the output voltage of the battery is 36V, the output voltage of the charger is 54.6, the output voltage of the battery is 48V, and the output voltage of the charger is 67.2V, the output voltage of the battery is 60V.

2. Battery size. Most of the lithium battery packs of electric skateboards are located under the pedals, and the pedal shell needs to be disassembled to see the real content. 99% of the electric longboard lithium battery packs on the market are made of 18650 batteries (cylindrical lithium batteries with a diameter of 18 mm and a length of 65 mm) connected in parallel and in series. According to different arrangements, the length, width and height of the battery packs vary. difference. In order to find a matching battery pack, be sure to measure the length, width, and height of the original battery pack (or the entire space available in the battery compartment) first.

3. Battery plug. Check the charging wire connector and output wire connector of the original battery pack. It is best to find the same connector when replacing the battery pack. If the original connector is weird, you can also cut the wire and connect it manually.

Buy whole battery directly

The most time-saving and labor-saving method is to buy a third-party or original battery pack. We have seen that most of the third-party 36V and 18.5A lithium battery packs on Taobao sell for more than $100, and the price of the original battery pack with the same capacity is more than $150, which is very expensive.

Skaters with strong hands-on ability can DIY lithium battery packs by themselves

Lithium battery technology is very complicated, but for the lithium battery pack of electric skateboards, it is just to connect several 18650 batteries in parallel and in series in a specific way, as long as the final output voltage is consistent with the original battery, and the thickness of the battery pack, The width and length are no larger than the original battery.

Take Shengte's 36V, 10.4A lithium battery pack as an example. The battery pack is composed of 5*5 double-layer 18650 batteries (50 cells in total), and the capacity of each 18650 cell is about 2100mAh. If you want to replace the exact same battery pack, you only need to buy 50 18650 batteries of the same capacity and combine them in the original way. The 18650 with a single cell capacity of 2600mAh can reach a final capacity of 13Ah, and the cost is about 60 US dollars, which is more than half cheaper than buying a whole set of batteries directly.

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