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Tips for Electric Skateboard From Beginner to Expert

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Are you using a traditional skateboard and still hesitating about getting a Motorized Skateboard for your travels? Never been on a skateboard and not sure if an Electric Motorized Longboard is right for you? Know that we precisely engineered Veymax skateboards in a modular fashion to fit all shapes. No matter your level and experience. We explain everything about this more accessible practice than you might think.

Classic Skateboards and Motorized E-Skateboards

In addition to the practice of classic skateboards, E-Longboards are open to all audiences. In other words, if you're already a pro, obviously your swiping experience will help you, but you'll see that it feels very different. Also, if you have never used a traditional skateboard or are having difficulty, rest assured that this will in no way affect the practice of E-Skateboarding.

We once asked two beginners what they think about Motorized Longboards, and one of them said: "I had concerns about Electric Motorized Skateboards before, especially the speed, but in the end we got used to it easily. 15 minutes I feel like I have always done it." Here we go!” Another felt: “I was wrong about Motorized E-Longboards when I started learning about them, I thought I had to have a good level of skateboarding to use them. But after I got on the Electric Skateboard, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to operate and how it slides, and I think I'll be able to learn it in no time!"

Getting Started Tips

Veymax Electric Longboards are aimed at all audiences, without exception. On the other hand, it is important to have good control of your board from the start.

Take your time when using your Motorized Skateboard for the first time. Thanks to the remote control, you can select slow mode and test the accelerator before boarding the boat. Don't try to ride very fast until you're familiar enough with your skateboard.

Second, check which position works best for you: "Goofy" with right foot forward or "Normal" with left foot forward. Put your feet on the level surface of the truck and balance the acceleration and braking motions with your body weight. That is: Lean forward when accelerating and lean back when braking to avoid imbalance.

Which configuration is suitable for which use?

We designed the X1 Electric Motorized Longboard to be modular, and it corresponds to all uses. So you can customize your board to make it as optimized as possible for each of your trips.

First, we distinguish between cross-country skateboards and commuter skateboards. The commuter Motorized E-Skateboard, which has a speed limit of 25 km/h, is approved and allows you to drive on the road. The off-road E-Longboard has unlimited speed and can reach 38 km/h. Therefore, the board is suitable for private roads and competitions.

Then, for each board, you can choose a short board that is responsive and precise, or a long board that is more stable, especially if you are a beginner. It is suitable for long walks or even "dancing". We also give you the choice between a single motor or the more powerful twin motors to climb grades up to 20%. Finally, choose a standard or long-range battery. One has a range of 15 kilometers on a 90-minute charge, while the other has a range of 30 kilometers on a three-hour charge.

All E-Skateboard components are interchangeable. Regardless of the configuration you chose at the time of purchase, you can definitely add or replace one of these modules later!

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