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5 Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Longboard

Veymax Skateboard Buying Guide

For our urban trips or for Fun, an electric skateboard is the ideal tool. Sometimes we confuse it with skateboards. However, these electric boards are much more than that! Ease of handling, “smooth” lightness in driving, stability or even robustness and quality of materials…. all this will be provided in the use of an e-skateboard

How to choose an electric skateboard?

First of all, you have to know which Electric Skateboard is right for you. Moreover, these machines are so varied that we can easily get lost in them: there are tons of them! This is why there are a few criteria that you should always check before buying a motorized skateboard. And to find the model you need, here are some of the minimum points to keep in mind when choosing an electric longboard.

1. The place where you will use your e-board

Before considering the ideal electric skateboard model for you, you must first estimate the place where you plan to use it. As this device is designed for all your travels, but above all, a rider must first estimate the place where he wants to use it.

Travel in the city: if your goal is to use it for your walks and your short trips. Then you can buy a medium model, with decent capabilities like a top speed of 10-15 km/h. It must also be robust enough to withstand your shocks during your trip.

veymax e-skateboard for commuting

For a sportier ride: as it is a classic skate model, it is normal that you want to use it to perform some tricks. However, for this type of use, it is more favorable to opt for models that have superior qualities. But the price of these motorized skateboards are a little more expensive.

electric skateboard for off-road

Go for a sturdy longboard for more fun, riders use electric powered skateboards to perform spectacular tricks. Which from a mechanical point of view, can give enormous stress on the device. And if the model is not very resistant, it can lead to it breaking in the middle of your acrobatics. To avoid such a disaster, one must consider the sturdiness of the motorized skateboard.

To verify this you must inform yourself a little about the quality of the materials that the brand of manufactures to use. Some boards, for example, are made of wood, others are made of carbon fiber which gives them a very high impact resistance and a lightness and strong resistance. Apart from that, these devices must be flexible so as not to falter under the weight of your body at the budget level.

Even if we want to have a quality electric skate board, we always have to manage the quality-price ratio of these models well. For this you must compare all the capacities of the electric skateboard in relation to the price you can reach.

The different criteria that I have already invoked above are all to be taken into account. But for you to get the best out of these motorized skateboards, I'll give you a few more things to consider:

  • The ease of handling the remote control
  • The quality of the wheels of the e board
  • Impact resistance
  • The look of the electric board
  • Engine
  • Additional accessories (traffic lights, safety leashes, etc.)

2. Consider the size of the electric longboard

We can sometimes confuse electric longboard with skateboard, however, these two have some differences. In terms of design, electric longboards are much longer than regular skateboards. Which makes the size of these machines "an essential detail" if you want to get the perfect model. And yes, some of these boards can be up to 40 in in length.

Not to mention that the comfort and mobility of the machine actually depends on its size. It may be that with this length, the electric longboard is not really compact. However, some models come with their carrying bag, which makes them very portable. Besides size, you also need to consider the look of your board. Indeed, the design plays a very important role in the flexibility and fluidity of its use.

3. Consider an easy-to-carry e-board

Whether for your sports competitions or for your urban trips, the ease of transport plays a crucial role in the use of your electric skateboard. When you move, you must always have the possibility of carrying it with you. In addition, some models are sold with carrying bags or even special bags to hang your board on. Which is very practical because you can put the motorized skateboard and its various accessories in the bag. Check the weight anyway.

Most models are lightweight (around 3kg), however some can weigh up to 19kg. So if you want to have an e-skateboard for your trips around town, you will always have to consider the weight of the latter. Normally, this criterion is mentioned on the technical sheet of the device.

4. Consider the available riding modes and speed

The ease of handling these electric longboards is one of the advantages that makes it so unique! They are also completely electric. This makes it possible to reduce or optimize the physical effort to move us over a long distance. Just press the button on the remote control!

ride a veymax skateboard

When we talk about an electric skateboard, we are always interested in speed. Whether you want to do tricks, or you are moving in a long course: "speed is the initial parameter that determines their success". So if you want to buy one of these machines, you absolutely have to take into account the maximum speed it can reach in order to moderate it as well as possible.

For a Veymax Roadster X4, for example, it can go up to a speed of 29 mph (more or less). However, if you are a beginner, it is useless to go all the way from the first practice. At the very beginning, you can choose between the maximum speed you master other driving modes.

It's quite simple: everything happens at the remote control!

In the case of the Veymax Roadster X4, for example, it has 4 speed modes which allow the speed limit to be pushed back with a maximum of 29 mph. Which is very convenient because you can choose the first riding mode and gradually improve.

More than the speed moreover, it is rather the push that the speed mode gives you. When you have thrust, it is clear that you can control your machine well and have the response, rather than the speed, which brings maximum sensations.

5. The battery of your electric skateboard

Electricity is the main energy used by the longboard. The battery life should be more than enough for you to use it freely. For some models, they have a double battery or offer easy battery replacement to travel more distance. This is what allows you to have greater autonomy. I therefore advise you to consider longboards that have this little extra.

Apart from that, you should also check the charging mode of the device. For the Veymax Roadster X4 battery, for example, it can be charged in just 2.5~3 hours: enough time to get ready before leaving home. And since you already know the charging time of your device, I advise you to always respect this timing. Above all, do not remove your battery while it is charging, if it is not yet full.

Check the brake system. We now know that a motorized skateboard can reach quite a strong speed. So to avoid accidents, you have to know the braking system that the model has. Speaking of the braking system, of course I mean how easy it is to use the remote control to brake.

Unfortunately some models of electric skateboards are quite difficult to handle, especially when braking. The more reason to be well informed about the braking system: it is that by mastering this criterion you could easily adapt to the handling of your board. If you try longboarding, then make sure you can brake easily. Usually this function is on the remote control.

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