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Attention to Using Electric Skateboards on Rainy Days

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Electric Long boards are equipped with precision parts, so they are basically not very compatible with rainwater. However, some Motorized Longboards claim to be waterproof. With a waterproof Veymax Skate board like this, you can certainly ride in the rain... but in summary, Electric Skateboards are not recommended for driving on slippery surfaces, even if they are waterproof. There are good reasons for this, and this time I want to summarize the field.

Can I use an E-Skateboard on a rainy day?

Regarding whether you can use a Motorized Veymaxboard in the rain,I want to say it depends on the size of the rain.However,on a personal level,you should avoid sliding when it rains.In this case,visibility is usually low,and your safety and the safety of the skateboard will be threatened.

A waterproof electric skate?

Veymax Longboards can be water-resistant,or to a certain extent,waterproof.This means that their use in conditions of high humidity is limited.

We can see how waterproof these Electric Skate boards are rated.

The waterproof circuit board will have an IP(protection grade)level.The water-resistant grade used to determine the efficiency of its products in terms of moisture resistance.

The first number indicates the level of dust resistance,and the second number represents the water resistance level.

The level of protection for intrusion is 0 to 6,and the level of resistance to flooding is 0 to 9.

The larger numbers on the IP level indicate the higher the resistance level,and the smaller the number indicates the lower resistance capacity.

Like your Motorized Long boards,their protection levels are mostly between IP64,IP65 and IP54,IP55.

Does rain hurt the skateboard?

Whether the E-Skate board or the skate is a disadvantage.

For example,when used in the rain,the wood deck will shrink after absorption.Once you notice that the deck is overwhelmed,this is a clear indication that the integrity of the wood has been damaged.If you don't want to encounter an unexpected situation when the skateboard,you may soon need to replace it.

The electric skate situation can be worse because they have fewer waterproof accessories.These are mainly electronic parts,usually more expensive hardware to avoid spending more on repair or eventual replacement.

Electric skating is wet,what to do?

When your skateboard is wet,make sure it is properly dried.Remove as much moisture from the surface as possible,do not leave any chance.

You should pay attention to the charging port,as it is the most easily exposed part of the moisturizer.If compromised,you may not be able to charge the Motorized Skateboard,and you will have to plan to replace it with a new one.

To some extent,if your Veymax Long board has fallen into the pool and you are not sure how many internal parts may have entered and you have sufficient skill support:

You can demolish the skateboards and ensure that the internal drying contains electrical parts.Another part of the Electric Skateboard that may not like water contact is the bearing.When bearings are exposed to moisture and other environmental factors,they tend to rust.Therefore,the two parts that the daily use of skateboarden most needs to pay attention to are the electrical components and bears.You can do general drying work,and it is recommended that you pay more attention to these parts.

Do you need a waterproof Veymax Skateboard?

Do you need a waterproof Electric Long board?Well,the answer to this question may depend on where you live.If there is frequent rain or snow in your area,it may be a good idea to have a board that can withstand wet weather.

Motorized Longboards,like any other electronic device,can be damaged by water.Veymax Skate boards can’t slip in the deep water area(usually half the wheel is flooded)or in the water pit.This is because water can cause severe damage to batteries,motors,and other components of the circuit board.When water enters the electrical system,it will short circuit boards and cause them to burn.In addition,water will corrode the metal parts of the board,making it unbearable and easier to break.

Your type of riding also affects your choice of Electric Skateboard;if you live in a rainy or snowy area or plan to play outdoors,waterproof electric skates are a good investment.

The advantage of having a water-resistant electric skate is that you can ride in wet weather without worrying about damaging the skate.The skates will be more durable and harder to break.Waterproof Eskate are made with sealed bearings and water-proof materials to prevent water from entering the electrical system.They also have special tires that can grab wet soil to keep you safe while riding in the rain.

Therefore,if you are looking for a skate that can meet any condition,then water-retardant(Veymax)electric skating is not your second choice.

Electric skating in the rain

In this case,visibility is usually low,increasing the risk of accidents and damage to the skateboard,so we need to do the preparation before the slide.

  • Check the weather forecast:It is best to avoid riding completely if it is coming to rain or if there is a possibility of thunderstorm weather.Wet roads may slip,and heavy rains will block your visibility,making it difficult for you to see obstacles or dangers.
  • Wear the right equipment:When riding in the rain,wear waterproof clothes,including raincoats or rain jackets,water-proof shoes,and gloves to keep your hands dry.
  • Slow down.The wet road is smooth,and it is easy to lose control of the skateboard.Make sure to ride at a slower speed and maintain a safe distance from other riders,pedestrians,and vehicles.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings:When it rains,your visibility will decrease,making it harder to see what’s ahead.Particular attention should be paid to the surrounding environment,such as water holes,pits and debris,to avoid accidents.
  • Avoid water storage areas:Riding through water craters or storage zones can damage electronic devices'circuit boards,so it’s best to avoid them altogether.
  • Dry your circuit board:After riding in the rain,be sure to thoroughly dry the circuit plate with a dry cloth to prevent any damage or corrosion to the electrical components.

In general,riding an E-Skateboard in the rain requires caution and attention to the surrounding environment to ensure your safety and the lifetime of the skateboard.

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