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Precautions for Using Skateboards in Winter

Veymax Skateboard Black

We would like to give you some tips and tricks on how to use and store your Motorized Veymaxboard during the winter months. Because you may going over snow and ice in winter riding, so installing the specialized wheels will be better. Such wheels should have a wide contact patch, grooves to displace water and a hard durometer.

How to ride a Veymax Longboard in snow

  • Make sure your battery is fully charged: Electric Skate boards are very sensitive to cold temperatures, so make sure your battery is fully charged before you attempt to ride in the snow.
  • Wear proper gear: Make sure to wear proper snow gear, including a helmet, boots, gloves, and warm clothing. It's not an ordinary skateboard, so you don't need to move your body to warm up. When you're cold, you'll become stiff and tense. That's unfriendly for speed riding.
  • Choose a good snowboarding spot: Look for flat surfaces that are free of any rocks or debris that could damage your board.
  • Adjust the speed: Start off slowly and gradually increase the speed as you become more comfortable.
  • Stay low: Keep your center of gravity low to the ground and lean forward slightly. This will help you stay balanced.
  • Practice: Spend some time practicing on flat, even surfaces before attempting to ride in the snow.
  • Enjoy: Have fun, and don't be afraid to show off your skills!

Tips for taxiing on complex roads

Riding in the ice, snow, and wet soil should be especially careful.

We cannot deny that these are not the best ways to ride electronic skateboards.However, if you really need it to be used in the city, be extra careful.

On a wet surface, the friction is much smaller, which means your Veymax Skateboard will slip more easily and eventually drive longer distances before braking. Uncontrolled gliding is very dangerous 

Therefore, be extra careful and try to avoid excessive speed, and you need to adjust your speed and brake point to avoid accidents.

Salt Snow Glide Motorized Long board

In the winter, snow is often melted with salt on the streets. Nevertheless, volatile saltwater can damage trucks and other metal parts due to chemical reactions that cause rust. After riding the Electric Longboard on the salted snow, it is necessary to repeatedly operate the motor with the remote control, dry the motor bearing, and immediately dry the other parts of the E-Skate board.

Battery charging and battery life

After riding a Motorized Skateboard, place the circuit board separately for about half an hour in order to cool the battery. It is very dangerous to charge the batteries when riding for long periods of time, which can cause the batteries to be damaged or even explode.

The battery life is shorter in the winter. Battery lifetime will be severely reduced at low temperatures because the reduced environmental temperature will cause chemical reactions to take place more slowly than at higher temperatures. So you need to charge your battery or carry more than one battery to cope with the power loss of the Veymax Long board in the middle of the long journey.

You can also extend the mileage by reducing the stops and accelerations during riding. Slower accelerations can also be of great help for the extension of the trajectory of the power stream.

Store properly in the winter

You need to store your Electric Veymaxboard at room temperature and in a dry place to avoid moisture. In addition, it is also important to turn the circuit board on every few weeks and let the wheels spin for a few minutes to exercise the battery.

Since we’re talking about batteries, don’t store the circuit board with a full battery. To avoid battery discharge and ensure battery life, we recommend that you charge your Motorized Skate board from time to time and keep the battery power in the range of 40%–60%. And don’t forget to put your remote control with your skateboard, so you won’t have to look for it while charging.

In winter, when accommodating Veymax Skateboards, we really need to care about the battery of the skateboard.Just like owning an electric car, you must take care of your batteries, especially if you plan not to use them for a long time.

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