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E-board vs E-bike: Which One to Choose?

Pros of Electric Skateboards

In this article we will see the comparison between electric skateboard and electric bicycle, to help you choose the ideal PMV for you. Discover its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

The rise of personal mobility vehicles

We all know that electric personal mobility vehicles are a great option for moving around the city. Sustainable, fast and very comfortable.

E-boards are one of the best inventions of recent years. It has changed the way people commute in cities around the world.

E-skateboards provide riders with an environmentally friendly, low-cost, and convenient way to commute between cities and college campuses. Urban commuters can take their battery charger and ride their Electric Skateboard to the train, put it in a backpack when they get on the train, and recharge it when they reach their destination. Add to that the fact that you no longer have to kick and propel yourself to get where you want to go, and you can see why electric skateboards are gaining and keeping their fans.

In this context, there are more and more users of motorized skateboards and electric bikes. They are increasingly affordable means of transport that make urban trips much more pleasant.

Therefore, would you choose an electric longboard as your personal mobility vehicle?

Advantages of electric skateboards

Environmentally friendly. Excessive smog from the cars we drive contributes to air pollution. E-boards do not burn fossil fuels and therefore emit no CO2. Therefore, it contributes to the recovery of the planet. An additional environmental benefit of e-boards is that they don't make unnecessary noise when in use, thus reducing noise pollution. Because of their light weight, they also cause less damage to roads than traditional vehicles.

Helps health. After a long day of sitting at a desk, giving the skateboard an occasional push will help you regain your balance. Additionally, electric skateboards have a positive effect on the nervous system since you need to focus while driving.

Helps reduce stress. With an e-skateboard, you can weave through traffic much faster than traveling by car.

Convenient for short commutes. You don't need to constantly push the vehicle. All you have to do is let it charge for 4-8 hours and then you're good to go again. Once charged, it won't need charging for a day or two. Therefore, a motorized skateboard is an energy-efficient vehicle that can save you a lot of money because you don't have to spend money on gasoline and repairing it.

Advantages of electric bicycles

Save space. Electric bicycles, for their part, take up more space and weigh more than electric skateboards, although they can also be folded to save space.

Save. Due to the beefier frames, larger tires, motor and battery, they also have a higher weight. This aspect of size also brings greater safety, especially since they make you more visible on the road.

Can improve fitness. Riding an electric bicycle is a healthy option and can improve your overall well-being. Electric bikes are ideal if you want to do some sport on the go, but with the option of doing absolutely nothing if you're tired.

Easy to operate. Recent automation advancements related to e-bikes make them straightforward to control and operate. Switch from manual to electric power and vice versa, even when in motion.

So, would you choose an e-board or an e-bike?

At this point, you must take into account your needs to choose which will be the best means of transport for you.

To help you choose, we have prepared a summary table with the comparison between electric skateboards and e-bikes.

E-board E-Bike
Takes up little space Takes up more space
Weight ≤ 19 lb Weight 30-40 lb
Portable Safe
Top speed 40 mph Top speed 28 mph
Range ≤ 30 miles Range ≤ 38 miles

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