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How to Do Tricks on Electric Skateboards?

Veymax Guide for Tricks

Riding an Electric Motorized Skateboard may seem intimidating, but it's actually pretty easy to learn. In this beginner's guide, we'll show you how to do tricks on a Motorized E-Longboard.

The first patent for a cordless Electric Skateboard was filed in 1999. It wasn't long before companies started releasing their version of this fast, fun transport. How are Electric Motorized Longboards different from traditional skateboards? Are they hard to ride?

What is the difference between Eboards and regular skateboards?

At first glance, E-Skateboards look similar to regular skateboards. The biggest difference is that electric boards have one or more battery-powered motors. You can use the remote to operate the board with various buttons and a gas pedal to accelerate and brake. Some have LED displays that show important information such as riding mode, speed, battery level, and more.

Because Motorized Longboards use motors, they are often much faster than regular skateboards. Today, even many affordable options are capable of traveling at speeds in excess of 20Mph. It's also easier to go uphill and travel greater distances with a Veymax Skateboard. The last major difference is that most tricks are more challenging because the electronics make the board heavier. We will discuss the tricks of the Motorized E-Skateboard.

Can You Do Tricks on Electric Skate Boards?

As we mentioned before, the motor and battery make E-Longboards heavier than regular skateboards. The weight distribution can also be very uneven at times, with some boards being very heavy on the front or back. This makes juggling much more difficult, especially tricks involving flipping the board into the air.

Most of the tricks on Motorized Skate Boards are keeping the board on the ground. You are the one changing the position of your feet, dancing, sculpting and more. Practice footwork while standing on the plank and wear all safety gear. Please start practicing on grass, so that even if you fall, it won't hurt too much, and practice on asphalt road or concrete road after you are familiar with it.

Tricks of Electric Skateboarding

Walking the Plank

This is a good trick for beginners. You're literally just walking up and down the deck while you're riding. You need good balance, so start with small movements until you figure out how to shift your weight.

When you do a cross step so take your back foot and step on the front of your board so you kind of twist it up. And then you do a 180-degree pivot in the opposite direction that you stepped. So this is going to feel really uncomfortable at first but I'm gonna try. And go over some hacks that I used to.

It'll be hard to keep your balance try to just do a 180 body varial instead of the cross step and then do a pivot once you get comfortable with doing those. Definitely start off doing them slowly you can start working on the cross step and doing the pivot half of the cross.

Cross Stepping

This is a great move for an electric longboard. Move your front foot to the middle of the board. Cross your back foot in front of your front foot, then cross that foot under the front foot to release your legs. At different points in this movement, you'll be standing on your left foot only, and you'll be standing on your right foot only. The order depends on your position.

Chop the Wood

Start in your normal position. To perform this trick, move one foot to the edge of the board, pointing forward. This will turn the board a bit, so be prepared. Bend your knee slightly for balance, and extend the other leg off the board and into the air. Return your legs to the deck to complete the move.

The Motorized Skateboard has the thrill of a classic sport with increased motor power. You can ride farther and faster than a normal skateboard, making it an option for short commutes and fun rides. If you're going from a classic skateboard to an Electric Motorized Skateboard, the transition isn't difficult.

For starters, we hope this guide demystifies how to ride a Motorized E-Longboard! Regardless of your experience level, always wear safety gear and be aware of your surroundings. You will enjoy your Electric Skateboard even more.

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