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How Can I Buy a Suitable Electric Skateboard?

Tips for Buying Eboards

Motorized Skateboards are all the rage overworld. It is still prohibited to run on public roads in some areas, but it is possible that it will be recognized in the future because it is attracting attention from around the world.

Here, we will introduce in detail how to choose an Electric Motorized Skateboard suit you and list some tips to avoid mistakes while buy your E-boards. You are sure to find the perfect product for you!

How to choose a Motorized E-Longboard?

Here are four points that you should definitely check when choosing an Electric Skateboard.

1. Ride safely in permitted areas!

First of all, as a general rule, Electric Motorized Longboards are not allowed to run on public roads under the Road Traffic Act. You can only use it on private land, so be sure to get permission to ride it in the park. If you want to use an Electric Skateboard within that range, first get used to it at a slow speed of about 12Mph.

There are some products that can go over 45Mph, but if you want to enjoy the speed of a Motorized Longboard, you should start by getting used to it. Because of its speed, Electric Longboards can cause serious injuries or accidents if you make a mistake. Be sure to wear a helmet and protectors, pay attention to your surroundings, and enjoy safety first.

2. Can run enough range on a single charge.

If you want to use it for a long time, it is safe to use a battery that can run continuously for about 18miles on a single full charge. If the charge runs out after less than 10miles, you may feel that it is not enough to play for a whole day. If you have enough budget, we also recommend the type that can run more than 20 miles. Also, check how long it takes to fully charge.

Range of Veymaxboard

3. Can accelerate and decelerate smoothly.

Acceleration and deceleration of the Motorized E-Skateboard is basically done with a simple remote control operation. In order to enjoy it safely and securely, choose one that comes with a remote control that you can operate smoothly. This is a point that is often overlooked, but it is quite dangerous because if you make a mistake in the operation and suddenly accelerate, it may cause injury or an accident.

Veymax Skateboard Remote

For example, some products can be operated from a smartphone by installing a dedicated app. If you are familiar with your smartphone, you can easily operate it, including speed adjustment and checking the remaining battery level. We also recommend a type with a function that keeps the speed you specify constant.

4. What You Should Pay Attention to Size and Length of E-boards?

Electric Skate Boards come in a variety of sizes. Each size has its own benefits, so choose the size that best suits your needs.

If you regard ease of riding, choose the longboard with a deck length of around 90cm.

If you use an E-Longboard that is too small, you may not be able to ride it well or you may fall. A long type with a deck length of around 90 cm will increase stability. If the deck is large, the straight running stability will increase, so various postures can be taken. Even people who are not good at skateboarding will find it easy to balance. It's perfect for people who play all day long because it doesn't make them tired even when running long distances.

If you also consider portability, choose the regular or small type.

Motorized Skate Boards are heavy because they are equipped with motors and batteries, but if the length of the deck is around 60-70cm and the size is regular or small, they are relatively easy to carry. As mentioned above, it cannot be driven on public roads, but if the battery runs out during play, it will help reduce the burden of carrying it from the site, so it is a point you want to check.

Choosing a suitable Motorized Skateboard is important for your safety and comfort. You'll want to make sure the size, weight, and battery range of the board are suitable for your needs and the type of riding you want to do. Also, you should think about the battery range and terrain you'll be riding in. You can also look at reviews from other riders to help make your decision.

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