What Should We Pay Attention to When Electric Surfing?

Clothes for Electric Surfboards

Do you know what the most regrettable things in the novice period are! During the peak summer surfing learning period, I met many novices who just learned to surf. When everyone talked about the embarrassing incidents of surfing and stepping on lightning to avoid pits, they summed up several regrets that everyone recognized. Among them was the one about wearing the wrong clothes. thing.

In this issue, we'll summarize what to wear for a novice surf session. Each one is a deep experience of surfing beginners, pure dry goods, if you are going to learn to surf, please save it, you can avoid pits and lightning in the future~

Do not wear clothes that can easily cause a wardrobe malfunction while riding an electric surfboard.

Many novices want to wear a beautiful bikini swimsuit to check in and take pictures when they are surfing for the first time, or they want to ride an Electric Surfboard in a bikini during the novice period. But these styles are too easy for surfers to lose. Novice surfers have not fully mastered the skills of surfboard movements, and their ability to control the board is low. They will often fall off the board or be pushed back by the waves, and the clothes on their body will easily fall off the body. , such as showing the buttocks...

Therefore, it is recommended that novices should wear surfing suits. Ladies, in particular, can easily be distracted by the loss of clothes, which can lead to accidents.

However, in addition to surfing clothes, there are many kinds of clothes that are also suitable for playing electric surfboards. Novices may not know how to choose. Let me introduce the surfing clothes that are more suitable for you.

Popular swimsuits: Suitable for hot springs, swimming pools, water parks and other scenes, with various styles, such as one-piece and split-piece, triangular skirt, etc., with many clothing elements. However, the clothes are cumbersome and it is inconvenient to stretch the body, so it is not suitable for use as a sports swimsuit.

Racing swimsuit: suitable for professional swimming training, tight enough, functionally anti-chlorine > sun protection, swimming can reflect the value of this swimsuit more than surfing.

Bikini: A must-have for taking pictures during vacations, it highlights your figure and has little sun protection. It is easy to lose light, so you should pay attention to whether the style is firm before buying. It is suitable for advanced surfers or advanced players.

Surfing suit: necessary for surfing sports, suitable for novices and veterans, with many styles, long sleeves/short sleeves/suspenders + trousers/shorts/triangular/boxer + conjoined/split and other combinations, the choice is large, the more clothing Conservative, the better the sun protection performance, the better it can protect the body skin from friction and injury.

After our discussions with all the netizens, we agreed that the long-sleeved trousers one-piece surfing suit is the best surfing suit for beginners. It is not only easy to get naked, but also protects the skin.

Wear sunscreen while surfing

In addition to the clothes worn when surfing, many novices also ignore the wearing of sunscreen shirts and sunscreen hats. In recent years, skin tanning has become more and more popular. Healthy complexion has been unanimously welcomed by many people. Many novices will go to the beach for a whole day in a daze just for healthy tanning. And most surfers have healthy yellow skin.

However, without sun protection, the skin is prone to sunburn, and even sunburn, accelerated skin aging, and chapped skin. In severe cases, there is a risk of skin cancer.

It is very important to apply sunscreen mud and sunscreen that are natural, biodegradable, and non-polluting to the marine environment, which is why it is recommended to wear long-sleeved trousers style surfing suits. In addition to the skin, the hair and scalp of surfers should also be well protected from ultraviolet light, otherwise the hair is prone to split ends, and even baldness may occur. So it is still necessary to do a good job of sun protection.

1. Many brands are now launching marine-friendly, biodegradable physical sunscreens, which you can choose for use.

2. If you surf for a long time, you can buy a firm and stable surf cap to protect your hair

3. Be sure to do a good job of sun protection before going into the water every time. Use sunscreen mud, physical sunscreen, and surf caps.

Please confirm the wave period before surfing

Different wave points have different wave seasons. In the wave season, there will be good waves with high wave energy. The wave height is about 1.5m, which is suitable for beginners to learn advanced. On the contrary, when the waves are at other times, beginners can still play freely. If the sea is calm, it is tantamount to "surfing for nothing". On the contrary, if you come all the way to learn surfing, you will find that the sea is calm and there are no waves at all. suggestion:

1. Ask about the wave spots in advance, whether it is suitable for surfing in the near future

2. Learn about the time of the local wave spot and the wave season, and check the videos taken by wavers through social platforms.

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