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How to Fuel Your Electric Skateboarding?

fuel your e-skateboarding

Electric skateboarding is becoming more popular as an alternative form of transportation. For those who want to maximize their fun on their ride, fueling up the battery correctly is key for a great skateboard experience.

Having food on hand is key to successful long electric skateboarding, and it makes shorter rides more fun and energizing. If you've been riding Veymax Skateboard for a while, you probably know that horrible feeling when you're about to hit a wall and bonk. For new e-skaters - trust us and pack a snack on every ride! We've rounded up our tips for staying energized throughout the trip, including some of our favorite snacks.

What should you do before riding an electric skateboard?

It's best to eat a mix of carbs and protein to maintain energy throughout your ride, no matter the distance. We recommend that you eat an hour before riding the electric skateboard to avoid cramping during riding the electric skateboard. Be sure to hydrate!

Some of our favorite pre-ride foods are:

  1. Oatmeal: Add some bananas and nut butter if you like! Some other delicious upgrades include cinnamon and honey flavors.
  2. Toast and Nut Butter: A delicious classic combination of carbs and healthy fats. Add some fruit on the side for extra energy.
  3. Yogurt, fruit and berries: Add some nuts or nut butters for a boost of protein and fat.

During your ride:

It’s a good idea to pack snacks that are easy to reach and eat, in your pocket or backpack, and won’t mess up the rest of your riding gear. No one likes a smoothed sweatshirt pocket sandwich or a melted chocolate chip multitool! You'll also want to pack plenty of snacks, even if you don't think you'll need them. You never know when your ride will take longer than expected, or when you'll need to spend extra time fixing an unexpected flat. And be sure to bring enough water and hydration drinks to replenish your sweat. Plan to eat and drink a little every 20 to 30 minutes of riding your electric skateboard.

Some of our favorite ride-on electric skateboard snacks are:

  1. Energy Chews & Gels: Replenish Yourself With Delicious High Carb Nutrition!
  2. Protein bars: They're easy to pocket, easy to open, and easy to eat.
  3. Nuts: A great source of healthy protein and fat, and fun to eat on the go.
  4. A bag of potato chips: If you can get it to work without smashing them to pieces, having some extra salt on hand isn't a bad idea either.

What should you do after riding an electric skateboard?

Electric skateboarding is a thrilling and fun activity that can leave you feeling invigorated and energized. However, for better recovery, be sure to eat a post-ride meal or snack that's high in healthy carbohydrates and healthy protein. Other than that, be kind to yourself! Whip up a protein recovery shake, eat a donut, and have a beer. Of course, hydrate!

  1. Drink plenty of fluids to help rehydrate your body and replenish lost electrolytes.
  2. Do some stretches or light exercises to reduce any muscle soreness.
  3. If necessary, apply first aid to any wounds.
  4. Take a break if you feel excessively tired, and stay off the skateboard until you have recovered fully.
  5. Make sure your helmet, pads, and other protective gear are in good condition so they will be ready for your next ride.
  6. Clean your skateboard and check for any damage that may need repair to avoid further injury.
  7. Get plenty of rest to help your body recover from any physical exertion.
  8. Avoid skiing, snowboarding, or other activities that require running in order to give your body time to recuperate.
  9. Stay positive and have fun - remember that electric skateboarding is supposed to be a fun activity!

This article is very suitable for skaters who ride electric skateboards to play in the countryside. If you need to ride for a long time, and need to stay in the wild for a long time, then you must bring enough drinking water and food. For skaters who are riding electric skateboards for the first time, if you don't know what food to prepare, please read this article!

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