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Electric powered skateboards are now a popular means of transportation. It is very common to be used as a means of transportation outdoors, and it can bring more convenience to our lives. However, in daily use, the post-maintenance of electric skateboards plays a vital role in performance and life. Lithium batteries provide power for Veymax Skateboard and are the key components of E-skateboards. During use, excessive wear and tear will inevitably occur, which will reduce the service life. If the vehicle cannot be maintained in the correct way, the use of the vehicle will be shortened. life. This article mainly introduces the method of maintaining the battery to prolong the service life of the Motorized Longboard.

How to Maintain the Batteries of Electric Skateboards?

1. Timely charging

The battery of the electric longboard will have obvious vulcanization reaction after 12 hours of use. Timely charging can remove the vulcanization phenomenon. If it is not charged in time, the vulcanization crystals will accumulate and gradually produce coarse crystals, which will affect the life of the motorized e-skateboard battery. Failure to charge in time will not only affect the acceleration of vulcanization, but also lead to a decrease in battery capacity, thereby affecting the stroke of the Electric Skate Board. Therefore, in addition to charging every day, you should also pay attention to charging as soon as possible after use to keep the battery fully charged.

2. Periodic deep discharge

A regular deep discharge is also conducive to the 'activation' of the e-longboard battery, which slightly increases the battery capacity. A common method is to fully discharge the battery of the motorized skate board at regular intervals. The complete discharge of the motorized skateboard refers to the first undervoltage protection when riding the bicycle under normal load conditions on a flat road. After fully discharging, fully charging the battery will increase the battery capacity.

3. Protect the charger

Many e-skaters only pay attention to the battery, but ignore the charger. In fact, the charger is not good as long as it can charge. Generally, electronic products will age after several years of use, and chargers are no exception. If there is a problem with your charger and it is not dealt with in time, it will cause the battery of the motorized e-longboard to be fully charged, or the battery will be full. This will naturally affect battery life as well.

4. Do not replace the charger casually

Each manufacturer of electric skateboards generally has individual requirements for chargers, so don’t change the charger at will when you don’t know the model of the charger. If the required mileage is relatively long, try to equip multiple chargers for off-site charging, use additional chargers during the day, and use the original charger at night. In addition, it is recommended that you do not remove the speed limit of the controller. Although removing the speed limit of the controller can increase the speed of the electric motorized longboard, it will reduce the service life of the battery and reduce the safety of the e-skateboard.

Batteries are the key components of motorized longboards. It can be seen that batteries are very important. Making full use of favorable conditions will prolong the battery life of electric longboards. The maintenance method of the motorized e-skateboard battery is shared here today. Frequent maintenance of electric skate boards in our daily life can make your e-longboard run better. Even if your motorized skate board has excellent performance and guaranteed quality, it needs to be carefully Only care can exert the greatest power.

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