How to maintain your electric skateboard after use in rainy?

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Most electric skateboards have a certain degree of water resistance, but they are not made for wet or rainy days, and cannot slide in rain for a long time, and rainy days have poor visibility and are prone to sudden danger, so it is best not to ride on slippery roads on or in the rain on an motorized skate board. Water gets into metal parts and causes rust, which makes bearings seize and stick to the truck. It will rust the bolts, making it impossible to unscrew the nuts, let alone the electronics. The water damage of electric longboards is mostly caused by the rotation of the wheels during riding, and water splashes into the motor wheel and the ESC housing, which eventually leads to a short circuit.

Situations you may encounter when using an electric skateboard:

  1. If it is raining outside, even if it is not raining heavily, you'd better take care of your personal safety, don't use electric longboards, choose other ways to reach your destination. It's uncomfortable if wet clothes get on your skin, isn't it?
  2. If it rains suddenly when you are outside, the rain is not heavy, and there is not much water on the ground, you are almost there. You can then continue skating, but please slow down and ride carefully, safety first!
  3. If there is a sudden heavy rain, or light rain with a lot of water on the road, don't take risks. Mud and dust in puddles will kick up, and your beloved skateboards or sneakers will surely get wet or muddy.

So, how should the electric skate board be maintained after it enters the water?

Seal edges and crevices before use

Riders can use silicone to seal all edges of battery boxes, ESC boxes, and all gaps in motorized skateboards. Also, water splashed from the rear wheels can get anywhere along the sides, and if the motor cable entry point gets water, it can cause a short circuit or other dangerous situation, so riders can also seal the motor controller with spray sealant to protect it. If you're going to silicone your board where it will come into contact with electronics, make sure it's a neutral cure silicone and don't use acetate silicone.

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After riding in the rain or over puddles

  1. Dry the skateboard. Going through a long, deep puddle, even a half-inch, unsealed skid will get eroded by water. After riding an electric skate board in a slippery environment, you need to dry the entire surface of the skateboard as much as possible, especially the charging port, and make sure it is dry before plugging in the power. You can then flip the board upside down, use the cruise setting on the remote, and let the motor wheels run for a half hour or so to make sure the water is dry. If your longboard has sunk in a deep puddle and you have good manual skills, you can take the board apart and dry the inside of the board.
  2. Clean the bearings. If the bearing gets rusted due to accidental water ingress, the bearing will be stuck by the rust, become loose or even fall off. Therefore, after riding in the rain or on puddles, you also need to check the water ingress of the electric skateboard bearings. You can apply a small amount of engine oil on the bearing, and remember to wipe off the oil as much as possible when the oil enters the pinion ball, otherwise it is easy to accumulate dust, which will also cause the bearing to be stuck.
  3. The wheels make abnormal noise during driving. If the wheel speed is different and there is abnormal sound, it means that the road surface is slippery or water has caused rust, and the motor bearing is stuck. The position of the motor shaft needs to be aligned several times with descaling lubricant. At the same time, use the remote control to repeatedly operate the motor forward and reverse to clean the rust and dirt in the motor bearings.

The above is the maintenance method of the electric skateboard after the skateboard is flooded. But in any case, check the local conditions before riding an motorized skateboard to play in the wild, and try to avoid heavy rain and fog when going out to ride an electric longboard.

Finally, no one is happy if it suddenly rains while riding our boards outside. But this is also out of control, even if we read the weather forecast in advance, the weather is always changing, like a child's smiling face. All we can do is try our best to protect our boards from water damage.

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