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Tips and Tricks When Skateboarding for Beginner

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Instructions on how to ride an electric skateboards. Posture and bending during acceleration and deceleration, weight transfer, etc.

Have you ever ridden an electric longboard?

Even seasoned skateboarders may be surprised at first by the difference in usability of electric skateboards with remote acceleration.

How to ride an electric skateboard and which "stance" to use?

First, let's go over the basics, like how to get on a deck and where to put your feet.

First, find out which foot is more convenient for you. The position of this foot determines your stance on the skateboard.

Right-handed people usually have their left foot in front (Regular Stance), and left-handed people have their right foot in front (Goofy Stance).

If you don't like it, you can change it later, so let's start with the one that feels more comfortable.

Next, regarding the position of the legs when running, for beginners, put the front legs slightly obliquely on the position of the front wheel screws, and put the rear legs on the position of the rear wheel screws, so as to advance almost perpendicular to the direction.

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This is just one way of playing, so after getting familiar with it, please try to find a suitable posture for your skateboards.

Basically, the wider your stance between your feet, the more consistent your speed will be.

Once you get used to the speed of the skateboard, changing feet is a breeze.

There are two main ways of boarding. One is to place the board horizontally in front of you and place your feet directly on the board (either your front or back foot).

Another way is to place the board vertically in front of the body and rest only the front foot on it.

Either way, as soon as you place your center of gravity on the diagonal when skating, the board will start to move, so be careful.

The point is to keep your weight on your front foot. This way the board doesn't have any forward or backward force and is stable enough to lift the other foot off the ground.

As for the position of the feet at this time, it is easier to balance by stepping on the screws that fix the wheels or slightly to the inside.

In addition, the latter riding style is also related to the basic technique called "push" described later.

First check whether you are a Regular Stance or a Goofy Stance, and use these two methods to slide up and down smoothly.

Posture and sliding method when "accelerating" with an electric skateboard

First, let's talk about the posture when accelerating.

As the name suggests, electric skateboards are powered by electric motors. In other words, using an electric motor makes it easier to get explosive acceleration right from the start.

A high-quality electric skateboard will provide mild acceleration at first, but even then it will tend to throw beginners off balance when it starts to move. It may be easier to understand if you imagine the instability of a subway car when it starts.

The point here is how beginners can use the correct posture to solve this instability. Specifically, the front knee is slightly bent and the weight is placed under the knee. At the same time, the rear knee is slightly retracted, ready to take a step.

At this point, if your foot is too far forward, it will be difficult to bend, so be careful. While straightening the knees takes away the flexibility, it's easy to pick up the feel of the acceleration, so this might be fine at first.

Posture and sliding method when "decelerating" with an electric skateboard

Please note that when decelerating, you need to find a posture that can withstand the deceleration. Specifically, straighten your front leg and place your weight on your back leg. When decelerating, this extended front leg is used for support. If the center of gravity is closer to the front, there is a risk of being thrown forward at the moment of deceleration, so be careful.

Depending on the object, sudden braking can be dangerous, so be sure to shift your weight back and start slowing down with your front foot braking.

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