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Safety Tips When Surfing With eFoil

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Watersurfing is a great sport that is intuitive, easy to learn and suitable for everyone. However, when engaging in any sport or activity, it is important to consider some basic safety issues. Such as the maintenance of materials, technology or the environment; safety is always of paramount importance for us and those around us.

In this article, we will review the most important points to ensure that we enjoy an Electric Surfboard safely and reliably, regardless of the level of use. Remember, no matter what type of board we use, we must always follow the manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines for the use and maintenance of the device.

Check the condition of the board before power surfing

Check: Before getting in the water, it's important to check that you have all the accessories you need and are using them correctly. For example, it is important to place the straps correctly just below the knees (better than at the ankles) to avoid injury from pulling during a high-speed fall.

Two is better than one: As with many other sports, it's best not done alone, and Electric Powered Surfboards are no exception. Besides having more fun, you'll feel more comfortable knowing that someone is there for you should you need any help. This could be someone on shore, or even someone using a motorized surfboard.

Distance from the shore: Always be aware of your distance from the shore. Don't swim further than you can swim back. As you know, batteries have a limited ride time and can be modified according to external conditions. Once the remote shows an LED for remaining battery, stay on shore.

Waves: Do not enter water through wave breaking areas. Waves may throw the Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard at you and cause injury. If you fall in the break zone, put yourself between the wave and the Electric Jet Surfboard so you don't get hit by the surfboard.

Use your common sense: We could list another 10 or more security guidelines in this article with very little imagination. We are responsible for the proper use of equipment to ensure our own safety and the safety of others.

All in all, when practicing jet skiing, it is crucial to consider safety before and during our rides. We encourage you to review all important points and safety guidelines related to the device provided by the manufacturer.

Investigate the terrain and weather conditions of the surfing area in advance

Areas to be inspected: There are several aspects we must consider before launching into the water. For example, it is advisable to practice watersurfing away from crowded beaches; we must always respect fairways.

Depth: Also, we had to make sure the water was deep enough to operate our board so as not to hit the fins. Rocks or coral reefs can damage our materials. Avoid shallow water.

Weather Forecast and Tide Conditions: It is important to check the weather and marine conditions before deciding where and when we will practice eFoil Electric Surfboards. Currents and expected tide levels, waves, rainfall forecasts...these are all key factors in ensuring we enjoy our activities in the best or most favorable conditions.

Legislation: Riding regulations related to Electric Foil Surfboards can vary from region to region, so we always recommend checking with your local authority to ensure proper surfboard use. Speed, water intake protocols, safety, permit labels...are some of the things to consider.

Remember, it's important to have fun, but safety always comes first. Let us enjoy our meetings with the utmost safety and responsibility, for our benefit and that of others.

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