How to Clean an Electric Surfboard?

ways to clean efoil

Electric Surfboards open up new ways to explore the ocean and waves. Here's everything you should know about Electric Hydrofoil Surfboards. An Electric Jet Surfboard or jet board allows you to surf on almost any body of water by motorizing your eFoil Electric Surfboard and jetting it through the water. The jet board will give you one of the coolest, most adrenaline-fueled watersports experiences you can enjoy even in still water conditions. But after using the Electric Foil Surfboard, we need to clean and maintain it. Do you only know how to clean the Electric Powered Surfboard? We'll show you how to clean your Electric Surfboard in five easy steps to keep it looking like new.

Things You Should Prepare to Clean Electric Surfboards

Let's jump right into our tried and tested methods (using household items) to keep your fiberglass white and your boards squeaky clean. Before we start cleaning your surfboard, here are the tools you'll need:

  • Plastic spatula or wax comb
  • Small trash bags
  • Some clean rags and towels
  • Electric Surfboard cleaner or solvents such as turpentine, white spirit and WD40
  • A little water
  • Rubber gloves

And the following are some preparations and precautions before cleaning:

Cut off the power: Before washing the Electric Surfboard, the power must be cut off to avoid electric shock or other hazards.

Prevent water from entering the circuit board: The circuit board is the core component of the Electric Foil Surfboard and requires special care. During the cleaning process, to avoid water entering the circuit board, it is best to wipe it with a damp cloth.

Use a Soft Cloth: When cleaning the surface, it is best to use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the surface.

Avoid Overwashing: Excessive cleaning of Electric Powered Surfboards may cause machine failure, so overwashing should be avoided as much as possible when cleaning.

Maintaining Your Electric Surfboard: Electric Hydrofoil Surfboards should be maintained regularly to maintain their performance and longevity. Maintenance includes cleaning, lubricating and replacing parts, etc.

In conclusion, be extremely careful when cleaning your Electric Jet Surfboard, following the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations. If you are unsure how to clean your eFoil Electric Surfboard, consult the manufacturer or seek professional help.

In addition, it is recommended that you clean it outdoors or in a well-ventilated place, because the cleaning agent or solvent you use has a certain pungent smell.

Steps to Clean an Electric Surfboard

1. Heat up your Electric Powered Surfboard

Most major brands of Electric Surfboard wax will use paraffin wax as the base material. The heat will loosen the wax until it eventually turns into a liquid, making the whole cleaning process much easier. First, place your Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard out of direct sunlight with the old surf wax side up. Once you see the wax starting to shine and sparkle, it's time to start scraping the board with a plastic scraper or wax comb. If you live in a cold climate, you can use a hair dryer to heat your board, and keep the hair dryer on at all times, but not too close. Here it is only necessary to apply enough heat to soften the wax on the surface of the board. Excessive heat can damage your Electric Jet Surfboard.

2. Scrape off the wax on the surface of the eFoil Electric Surfboard

Now you're ready to start removing softened wax from your Electric Foil Surfboard.

  • Pick up the small garbage bag you prepared and put it next to it to catch the debris when scraping wax for easy cleaning later.
  • Use your plastic card or wax comb to start at the front of the board and work your way down in a long straight line.
  • Place the removed wax in a trash bag.
  • Use long strokes to effectively cover surface area.

Never press too hard on the credit card or wax comb when scratching. This can cause stress marks and cracking on fiberglass or Electric Powered Surfboards.

3. Clean the surface of the Electric Surfboard

Now that you've cleaned off the worst dirt and wax from your board, it's time to deal with any remaining wax and marks. You can use any kind of cleaner, but if you're afraid of damaging your board and don't mind spending the money, a cleaner made for Electric Hydrofoil Surfboards is a good option. If you want to clean your boards on a small budget, turpentine or white spirit will work just as well.

Apply some solvent to a clean rag before buffing away any remaining wax spots or scuff marks. Afterwards, to ensure any tiny bits of old wax are removed, and to see if there is any scratches on the surface, the entire Electric Jet Surfboard can be given a wipe down.

4. Clean the tail pad

The tail pad of your surfboard is the grip for the rear foot. Over time, the diamond pattern that makes up the grip develops a mixture of dirt, grime, and wax. Tail pads are notoriously difficult to clean, but we have a secret to making even white ones shine --- use WD40, a product that's great for getting into the crevices between pads. Wipe off the dirt with a rag, and just repeat the process for excess.

5. Final cleanup

Rinse your surfboard with fresh water to remove any solvents or cleaners left on the surfboard after you've done any of the clear, visible dirt above. Now for the final step, you can start adding a new layer of wax to increase the grip on the board and keep it from slipping while surfing.

When you clean your surfboard and you're still not satisfied: Even though you cleaned your surfboard, it won't fix a broken surfboard. If you notice any dents or holes in the board when you clean it, you'll want to seek help from a surfboard repair expert who can advise on whether the damage is beyond repair.

Proper Care Reduces Surfboard Cleaning: Proper care when out of the water is key to extending the life of your surfboard and surf gear. Lack of care can have adverse effects in the long run, including some of the following items:

  • Sand wax buildup can damage the neoprene of the wetsuit
  • Wax buildup can stain your wetsuit or board shorts
  • Regular maintenance wax is easier to remove
  • Reduce the life of eFoil Electric Surfboards
  • Too much wax will increase the weight of the Electric Foil Surfboard and reduce buoyancy and make it harder to catch waves
  • Best Practices for Electric Powered Surfboard Care

Whether you're new to surfing or have been surfing for years, following these tips will help keep your Electric Surfboard looking slick.

In Conclusion

Now you're ready to start cleaning your Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard like a pro. With the cost of Electric Jet Surfboards increasing every year, taking care of your eFoil Electric Surfboard has never been more important. Hopefully our helpful guide has given you all the advice you need to keep your new Electric Foil Surfboard looking like it just left the shop for years to come.

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