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Some Bad Habits to Avoid While Riding an Electric Skateboard

Bad Habits While E-Skateboarding

Bad habits can sneak up on us and you'll find them everywhere in life. Whether we're going out to skate, trying to communicate ideas, or just trying to figure out a new skill. They are everywhere and they affect us. To be honest, you can't really blame yourself for it. Sometimes we don't even realize what we're doing wrong...

Therefore, taking this into consideration, today's article will be a simple categorization of these bad habits, pointing out some of the bad habits that may be hindering you from becoming a better rider and how you can address these issues.

1. Look down instead of straight ahead.

If you are going downhill and anticipate every little bump in the road, you will eventually outline yourself and feel unsteady. This is because you are tense due to the unknown. If you stay relaxed, you can easily eliminate the jerks that occur when you slide through waves, road creases, or bumps. You can do this by keeping your vision straight ahead and focusing on the road ahead instead of the road in front of you. This allows you to stay more relaxed and easily pass through those imperfect roads.

This has more psychological significance than anything else, but it can indeed help improve your stability and make you feel comfortable when sliding across various terrains.

2. When moving too quickly, pull the front foot back.

This may be an issue that was present when you were practicing regular skateboarding. When you start to accelerate and eventually exceed the speed you expected, the first thing you usually do is stand up from a crouching position. When you do this, you may find yourself leaning backwards, naturally putting more weight on your back foot.

If you ride a skateboard in a relaxed way, you can easily empty your mind and slow down your speed a bit. But if you feel out of control, you will stand up too quickly, causing your center of gravity to be on your back foot. This basically becomes an acceleration method that makes you feel unstable or even worse, and it can also cause you to lose your body balance.

In this situation, the key is to stay relaxed and always remember to keep your weight on your front foot. It's the same if you're skating at a speed that doesn't feel comfortable. Leaning back too much will make you feel unsteady while skating, which will make you more tense.

This may also be a factor that prevents you from riding more comfortably at higher speeds. It's not that you don't have the skills, but rather that your posture causes a fear of losing balance.

3. Not warming down after training.

This is a mistake that people make when they first get an Electric Skateboard and are trying to get used to it. Maybe everyone goes home after training, turns on the TV and sits down for a beer. Although this sounds nice, you need to take time after each session to do some stretching exercises.

This is because longboarding is a sport, and when we ride electric longboards for long periods of time in a standing position, it does stimulate our muscles. If we don't stretch them after our training session, they will become tight and stiff. Over time, this means we will lose flexibility and will always feel stiff like cardboard. Not something you really want.

Therefore, it is important to do some stretching exercises. It will keep us relaxed and flexible, even if we ride for longer periods of time it will feel much easier. In addition, stretching can also promote recovery after exercise and prevent injury. We are not Olympic-level athletes, but it is a good thing to take lessons from their books.

4. Not training after you had ridden a few times.

Although our electric skateboards are relatively easy to ride compared to regular skateboards, it still requires some skill and constant practice to master the basics. Furthermore, since riding motorized skateboards does not require too much technical skill, it can lead to us being too relaxed and not being able to respond to sudden situations in a timely and effective manner. So I would suggest that everyone practice more when they have the time, because it is better to get injured at low speed than at high speed, right?

I have seen students ice skating over and over again for several months, but with very little progress. This is because their skating is not stable enough to establish muscle memory and subconscious knowledge to master skating and other techniques. But remember, we do this for a safer way to play electric skateboarding. If it is no longer fun and feels like a heavy task, take a break and skate in a way that you find enjoyable.

5. Stick to using the same device

Most people once they find the equipment type they like, become die-hard loyalists. They become stubborn and unwilling to try other equipment. So, step out of your comfort zone when it comes to equipment. Try different longboard companies and different wheels, trucks, and board combinations. You never know how your skills will grow and this could be what your current equipment is holding you back from.

Most skaters probably have the bad habits mentioned above, and it takes some people months to figure out what they are doing wrong and even longer to figure out and accept a solution. Sometimes habits are so ingrained that it's really hard to change them. But over time, getting rid of these habits will make you a better rider. You can also make the most of your electric skateboard, further improving your skills and enjoying more skateboarding fun.

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