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The Ultimate Electric Skateboards Buying Guide by Age

Buying Guide for Electric Skateboards

Electric skateboarding is a rapidly growing sport across the world. In an age of technology, it's always good to find new creative ways to get the younger generations away from the screen and into nature! E-skateboarding is a great way to get outside, get exercise, and adventure to new parts of your town!

You can find some places in your neighborhood and surrounding areas on the motorized skateboard, and have fun with friends! It's an easily accessible hobby that won't break the bank if you are looking at the right boards.

Is there an age limit on electric skateboards?

Electric longboards are a fun and innovative way to get around town. They are more environmentally friendly than cars and can be used for entertainment and transportation.

As a fun and easy way to get around, anyone 16 years of age or older can use an Electric Skateboard, but riding it on highways is not permitted.

The age limit for riding a motorized skateboard varies by country and jurisdiction. Some countries and states have specific laws that regulate the use of electric skateboards, including age restrictions, and it's important to be aware of these regulations.

Keep Safe on Your E-board

It's important to keep in mind that riding an electric longboard can be dangerous and requires a certain level of skill, coordination, and safety awareness. Therefore, it is recommended that riders of all ages take the necessary precautions, such as wearing protective gear, following traffic rules, and avoiding riding in crowded or high-traffic areas.

How to choose electric skateboards for adults?

With hundreds of adult electric skateboard models to choose from these days, deciding what to buy can be daunting, to say the least. However, with a narrowed focus, a budget, and this guide, you can properly prepare.

1. Your purpose on boards

Some common uses for motorized skateboards are commuting, riding just for fun, off-road riding, and maybe even performing stunts. Electric vehicles are the future of commuting and leisure. You can enjoy your commute and get some exercise along the way. You can also charge the board at the office or even a coffee shop between commutes. If you're just riding for fun, some factors like mileage or top speed may not be the deciding factor.

Veymax Electric Skateboards for Commuting

2. Battery capacity and range

Do you like to go to various terrains and explore unknown areas? You can buy an electric skateboard with at least 15+ miles of range. If you're only using it for recreational riding or short commutes, it's recommended that you buy a board with a range of around 10 miles.

3. Belt-driven or hub-driven

Which type of motor is better? Should your next e board have a hub motor or a belt drive motor?

The answer is not black and white, so let me try to help you decide.

If you want something affordable that you can ride anywhere, is quiet, and don't want to spend time maintaining your board or tinkering with parts, then a hub motor electric longboard is for you.

They are a hassle-free vehicle that will get you where you need to go without a problem.

On the other hand, if you're looking for power, you like to try different configurations to make your e-skateboard unique, and you don't mind sporadic maintenance, then a belt-driven motorized skateboard is for you.

How to choose electric skateboards for kids and teens?

The first place you'll want to start is your child and figure out what kind of rider they are. Think about their experience level, confidence and the type of riding they will be doing.

Will they just be riding it around the local streets near your house or are they going to want to ride it longer distances, to school for example?

There are a lot of variables, so taking the time to really think about what they need will make choosing their eboard a lot easier. Electric skateboards are a great way to encourage your kids to get off the couch and get outdoors.

1. Speed

Top speed is critical when choosing an electric longboard for kids as it can affect the safety of the rider. Skateboards at higher speeds can be even more dangerous if ridden incorrectly. The board's maximum speed of 15 mph ensures kids stay in control while riding. Remote control acceleration and braking systems should also be considered, as these features help keep riders safe.

2. Range

Range is very important, it determines how far your board can go. If the motorized skateboard has a short range, it means that the children can only ride in the surrounding parks, and if they want to go farther, they may prematurely drain the battery in the middle of the ride. The longer range allows for longer travel, giving kids more time to have fun without worrying about being spoiled when the board loses power.

3. Deck

The deck is important because it affects the riding experience. A cleat ensures proper traction between the board and rider, while a pass-through plate provides greater stability and makes for an easier ride.

4. Safety

Some models often include LED headlights for low-light conditions, electronic speed control (ESC) or easy braking, and UL-listed components. It is recommended that children always wear a helmet and pads designed for e skateboards to avoid serious injury.

Electric skateboards are increasingly becoming a favorite of thousands of commuters, hobbyists, and other fun riders. The e-skateboard has even become some people's primary way of traveling to work or visiting entertainment places.

It's essential to choose the best e-skateboard that fits your needs and serves your purposes.

We hope this article has helped you learn more about motorized skateboards and how to choose the right one for you. Happy skating!

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