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Why Recommend Buying Electric Skateboards?

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Building more sustainable urban transport systems has been a focus of cities around the world, with the goal of creating a seamless and well-connected mobility experience while reducing traffic, noise and pollution. Despite all the careful planning by government officials for it, the rise of micromobility is an unexpected grassroots success story for the urban transportation sector in recent years. In cities across Europe, the US and Asia, tens of thousands of users are taking advantage of a growing number of shared micromobility options. Motorized Long boards in particular are growing in popularity at a breakneck pace, surpassing an estimated 20 million users in Europe alone.

In cities across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, millions of people are already adopting an increasing number of shared micromobility options. While bike and e-bike sharing schemes have grown in popularity over the past five years, no one predicted the mass adoption of e-scooters. Overnight, people riding Electric Longboards from city to city have become a common sight around the world. In the two years since Bird launched its first service in September 2017 in Santa Monica, California, the Electric Skateboard sharing service has covered 626 cities in 53 countries.

With so many Motorized Skateboards on the market, it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. If you're just comparing specs, there are plenty of mass-produced cheap Veymax Long boards that, in theory, have staggering numbers in terms of range. Here, we outline what you should be looking for in addition to specs, and why Veymax makes the best Electric boards on the market.

1. Portability

There are many reasons why you might want a lightweight or compact Motorized Skate board. Traditional skates are fun to ride and can reach extreme speeds, but many of these devices are heavy. They can be a pain to get around, and many urban riders can end up carrying their skateboards for great distances during an average ride. This problem only gets bigger if you're forced to transport your skateboard for miles. Carrying a 40-pound skateboard on your lap or in a backpack for miles on the train or car can quickly detract from the enjoyment of the ride. Lightweight Veymax Skateboards can be the solution.

2. Waterproof function

No one can predict the weather 100%. It is a scientific fact that water and electronics do not mix so this cannot be emphasized enough, if your Motorized Longboard is not waterproof, water will damage it and is very unsafe. When you're looking for waterproofing, look for the rating - IP65 or higher is the ideal reading for safe waterproofing.

3. Battery

The type of battery installed on your skateboard determines the maximum total distance you can ride. Just imagine: You plan an hour-long ride for as long as you want, blissfully tanning your back as you glide through the air. Then your board slowly stops. You are far from an electrical outlet. Now you have to walk (or push) to the nearest power outlet and charge the battery - which usually takes 1-3 hours. That's why it's crucial to always get a larger capacity battery—these babies can hold more juice. In general, lithium-ion batteries (Samsung's most popular) are a perfect choice in an ideal world.

While larger cells and battery packs cost more up front, they require fewer charge cycles. Smaller battery packs, by their basic design, hold less juice capacity and require more frequent recharging. Veymax has a range of up to 12 miles thanks to long-life lithium batteries sourced from the automotive industry. It only takes 30 minutes to charge 85% of the battery. Remove the battery for transport or replace it in minutes for endless rides. The USB port allows you to charge your phone with the board.

4. Modularity

Modularity means being able to repair parts and assemblies yourself. If you own a bike, car, or ATV (or any other vehicle for that matter), you already know that regular maintenance not only benefits your vehicle, but gives you the opportunity to spot any potential (and costly) problems and fix them.

We take these babies through rough terrain at moderate to high speeds and usually put these things through hell. Sadly, electronics aren't readily available - and require a certain level of knowledge to repair them yourself (often by design). This is where an expert in using special tools can come in handy.

At Veymax, we take care of everything and let you solve smaller problems on your own.

Reduce pollution and congestion while improving urban mobility and quality of life. Turning European cities into post-car hubs, noise- and pollution-free zones will require not only smart policies and infrastructure, but a fundamental shift in mobility habits and behaviour. This is where the sustainability potential of e-mobility lies: Adopted initially for fun, but later for convenience, they have shown massive uptake, suggesting their potential to change the way we move around cities. By making alternative and public transport systems more accessible and convenient, e-scooters, e-bikes and e-skates can be a catalyst for shared and low-carbon transport. “Shared mobility is part of a larger plan to create livable, sustainable and accessible cities with livable places. Micromobility is key to our plan,” says the expert.

To take advantage of Veymax Skate boards, cities and policymakers should embrace this trend and create an environment conducive to private sector investment and sustainable practices that benefit cities, citizens, and the planet. In summary, investments in micromobility infrastructure, effective policy, innovation, and responsible business practices can help cities meet climate goals, reclaim space for citizens, and improve their quality of life. Although the Electric Skateboard industry still faces some challenges, such as solving parking problems and improving safety, the unexpected rise of Eskates in Europe shows that the future of mobility that provides people-centric and low-carbon transportation may arrive sooner than before.

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