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Common Injuries of Riding a Electric Longboard and Prevention Tips

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In recent years, more and more people choose low-carbon and environmentally friendly travel, and different types of transportation are also increasing on the road. As a fashionable, convenient and interesting alternative to transportation, E-Skate boards are very popular among young people. But with the increase in the number of users, traffic accidents and injuries caused by Motorized Skateboards have also increased.

The most common injuries from Electric Long boards are upper extremity fractures and open wounds to the head and neck, and more than 90 percent of those injured were not wearing a helmet at the time of their injuries, the state health service said. There aren't a ton of statistics on Electric Veymaxboards yet, though. However, if you ride an ordinary skateboard, there will be some dangerous accidents, and these are also the parts you should pay attention to.

Common Injuries of Riding an Electric Skateboard

1. Head

While less common, head injuries are the worst and the last thing we want to happen. Jaw and nose fractures are the most common injuries. In severe cases, concussions, skull fractures, and blunt trauma can occur. But in general, head injuries are uncommon, and most occur on young riders under the age of 10.

2. Limbs

This includes wrists, ankles, knees, and shoulders, mainly manifesting as sprains, fractures, and fractures. Almost three-quarters of skateboarding injuries involve extremities, most likely after an awkward or incorrect fall. Cuts and bruises are also common, in fact, it's actually something that skateboarders experience.

We can confidently assume that injuries from Motorized Skate boards are no different than injuries from regular skateboards. In fact, they could be worse, since higher speeds increase the chance of serious or aggravated injury. Similarly, Electric Skateboards allow novice riders to directly obtain power acceleration, which requires us to pay more attention to protection to prevent a little bit of danger, and the most important thing is of course the protective gear.

Top Electric Long board safety tips, here are ten ways to keep you safe while riding your Motorized Longboard day or night.

Injury Prevention Tips for Riding an Electric Skateboard

1. Wear a Helmet

The vast majority of Electric Skate board fatalities are due to severe head and brain injuries. The rider takes a severe dive or is hit by a car and falls headfirst to the ground. Even though we've said it a million times we will continue to remind you to always wear a helmet when riding. This bears repeating, as we find that many riders, regardless of their experience, still insist on not wearing them.

Do you also want to hear a set of scary statistics? Although the correlation is small, nearly 97 percent of all bicycle-related fatalities were caused by riders not wearing helmets. This figure speaks volumes about the importance of the helmet.

2. Wear the Correct Protective Equipment

In addition to a good helmet, E-Skateboarders may also want to consider wearing some extra protection to protect those vulnerable areas we mentioned earlier, namely the limbs. Common braces include elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist pads. Having these should help prevent serious fractures and sprains.

If you don't want to be bulky like this, then at least consider a more heavily padded jacket. Some brands sew pads to the lining of their jackets to stand out. No one can tell the difference.

3. Know How to Ride an Eskate

Many Electric Skateboard accidents happen because the riders are not familiar with the tool they are using. They go too fast, lose control, ride in the wrong places, or end up in situations that shouldn't be there in the first place.

Knowing how to ride a Motorized board will greatly reduce the chances of an accident. Being able to brake properly, keep your balance on a skateboard, and know when and how to accelerate properly is critical to avoiding disaster. If you're new to Veymax Longboards, spend some serious time practicing at first. Get to know your board really well by riding in safe areas like parking lots. Once you're comfortable enough on the ride, move on to busier, busier areas.

4. Check Your Electric Skate Board Regularly

Let’s say you’re wandering around on a horse, believing everything is fine, and suddenly, an old rusty bearing fails, the skateboard comes to a screeching halt in the road, and inertia sends you flying. For riders, it's a nightmare. The above situation does not happen very often. But you still need to check the various components of the Motorized Long board every once in a while to make sure everything is in order. Make sure the bearings are smooth, the wheels are flush, and the truck is good and secure.

5. Avoid Dangerous Areas or Terrain

Cities are obviously a potentially busy place to ride your skateboard. Combine that with traffic, hordes of pedestrians, construction, and the odd deteriorating road, and you've got a recipe for disaster. But riding an Electric Longboard in the city is still possible! You just need to know how to avoid common problems:

A. Avoid riding in heavy vehicular traffic. Plan your route ahead of time to skip busy areas and rough roads. Those who commute on E-Skate boards often do so. Stick to bike lanes if allowed.

B. Know the rules of the road. Of course, Motorized Skateboard accidents can still happen out of town. Rugged hills, off-road trails and unlit country roads are all places where cyclists should still exercise caution.

C. Learn the correct fall position. Yes, there's a right way to fall, and frankly, we should all know how to do it. Because different falling postures will cause you to suffer different degrees of injury. For example, when you're thrown on a skateboard, spreading your hands naturally can help prevent a broken wrist or arm. On the other hand, using your shoulders to drive power and roll on the ground with the momentum, you can also leave the out-of-control skateboard unscathed. Of course, in addition to learning how to fall properly, what you need more is to practice the movement. Don't just read some guides on the web, read them and then do live falls to build muscle memory.

D. Be a "defensive" skater. It pays to be more cautious than usual when skating. For one thing, you're more vulnerable outdoors than in a car. On the other hand, you never know what's going to happen on the city streets. It should also be considered that if there are slow-moving pedestrians next to them, they may not know your speed when riding the Veymax Long board, and may misjudge your position, resulting in traffic accidents. Therefore, Electric Skate board riders should always pay attention to the surrounding situation and avoid taking risks. If you see someone or something moving strangely, slow down so you don't startle or even injure someone by going on a rampage. It also means fewer distractions when riding a Motorized Skate board. For example, try not to listen to music so you can focus on the sounds happening around you. If you hear screeching tires and someone just hit the brakes, it means you should slow down too.

E. Use proper lighting. Some newer Motorized Skateboard models come with some sort of front light preinstalled to help illuminate the street. So when you're shopping for your next Electric Long board, keep an eye out for this feature. If you have already bought a Motorized Longboard without lighting function, but you need to drive at night, you can try to modify it yourself and install lights that meet the specifications, such as installing lights on the skateboard or helmet. Still, as mentioned, it's not just you who need to watch the road. Others need to be able to see you too. If you often ride your Veymax Skate board at night, consider packing and wearing reflective clothing. The vest weighs next to nothing, fits in any backpack, and will make you stand out even more.

F. Don't drink and ride Electric Skateboards. It was fun to see my college friends fall face down after a party, but you don't want to be diverted to the hospital on your way home to get 12 stitches in your head, right? Whether you're an Eskate surfer in college or an after-get off work adult, avoid drunk riding. This is not only to avoid personal injury, but also to be responsible for the safety of pedestrians. The best solution, of course, is to stay in a nearby hotel and ride home after sobering up, or take a taxi home.

G. Beware of other inexperienced riders. It has also been mentioned several times in this article that riding an E-Skateboard safely is generally a matter of experience. This applies not only to you, the owner of the skateboard, but also to your family and friends. If someone wants to ride your scooter, you should not let them ride because you know they might fall. Or, at least, keep an eye on them before they hurt too badly. Especially children should take extra care.

In this regard, Motorized Veymaxboards are only suitable for one person to ride, and skateboarders should also be careful when riding with novices. It only takes one fall or other accidents, and the injuries caused are not as simple as those mentioned above.

All in all, the single most helpful piece of advice we can give when it comes to Electric Longboard safety is this: Know what you're doing. This means not only knowing how to drive your scooter, but knowing where you are and what the conditions are. If it's dark, rainy, and the streets are full of traffic and pedestrians, maybe think twice about taking your Electric Skate board out for a spin. At the very least, be extra vigilant. On the other hand, if you have access to a safe corridor or route, and the conditions are favorable (e.g. good roads, weather, time), then you can enjoy riding an Motorized Long board!

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