Veymax Anchoret Carbon All-Terrain

2WD Belt-drive electric skateboard designed for adventure lovers. without any limitations, just experience the rush of the downhill longboard.

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  • Battery capability: 14S3P 30Q Cell (453.6Wh/9Ah)
  • Powerful motors: 3500W*2 6374 Belt Motors
  • Top Speed: 55 Kmh/34 Mph
  • Range: 29 miles/48km(Tested by 75kg Rider Weighted)
  • ESC: 50A Hobbywing 3.0 ESC
  • Truck: 9.25’Double Kingpin Truck(CNC Precision)
  • Wheel Size: 165mm*65 Cyclone Tires (CNC Rim)
  • Deck: T700 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Water Resistance: IP65
  • 9-Month Warranty: Send the Necessary Replacement Parts Free of Charge
Version: 2WD
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Motor Power

9028 ESC

Hobbywing Control


Cruising Range

Meet Your Challenge

Experience the VEYMAX Anchoret carbon fibre electric skateboard with its powerful performance and intelligent electric system can help you spend more time enjoying your adventures. The updated version is exceptionally high-performance and equipped with 3500W*2 power and all the related components come with customized are coming soon. Be the first to meet your experience with an off-road electric skateboard from Veymax.

14S3P 30Q Cell (453.6WH / 9AH)

Premium T700 3K Carbon Fiber

Cyclone 165s Racing Wheels (CNC Rim)

9.25‘ Double Kingpin Truck (Precision CNC)

Powerful Dual Belt Drive

Smooth yet responsive performance is at the heart of off-road the edition, the Anchoret is equipped with up to powerful 7000W 6374 motors in 2WD, and with its high performance can easily climb hills with a slope of 45%, even in complex terrain.

High Capacity on Driven

With 14S3P battery pack made from branded Samsung 21700 30Q cells power your journey when you need it and ride with a long range of 48km. Anchoret is equipped with a smart model BMS (Battery Management System) that protects the battery pack and keeps it running safely when charging and operating.

A New Level of Riding Control

Ensuring optimal safety on the road, Anchoret is equipped with Hobbywing ESC to bring a more stable and reliable handle control experience, the accelerating and braking when riding feel truly smooth and intuitive.

Direct Drive performance

Anchoret 2WD direct drive electric skateboard with the performance all-terrain designed for adventure lovers, easily dominate with riding and meet your challenge.

Customized CNC DKP Trucks

A 9.25-inch double kingpin truck customized by cutting-edge CNC precision machining, ensuring construction strength and stability, Anchoret can meet your needs.

165mm Cyclone Tires

The Anchoret utilize 165mm*65 cyclone tyres and features an attractive and durable CNC wheel hub that brings excellent dynamic balance and high-speed stability. Ride with confidence, Anchoret is your best all-terrain electric skateboard.

Handcrafted Carbon Fiber Deck

Advanced T700 3K carbon material made, the dual concave footwells designed and the 40’ long deck allow your riding stable and comfortable at high speed.

Unparalleled Fast Charging(400W GaN)

Equipped with 50.4 V 400W GaN(Gallium Nitride) technology, the charging time is only 3.5 hours with 4.5A tyres.