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esurfboards reduce stress

Can using Electric Surfboards Reduce Stress and Anxiety?

Why do surfers feel so good after an hour out on the ocean catching waves? And why does surfing play...
Precautions for using eskateboards

The most common skateboard injuries

Skateboarding is a popular and exciting outdoor activity, but it can also be dangerous. However, every year, thousands of skaters...
self-taught Eskateboard

How To Learn To Skateboard By Yourself?

So you want to learn to skateboard, but you're not keen on paying for lessons. It's helpful to know exactly...
Best Motorized Surfboards

Where can you buy an Electric Surfboard

Electric surfing is still a developing and fairly uncharted sport. This means that these boards are still very much specialised...
use electric surfboard

What is Electric Surfboard?

People travel all over the world in search of the perfect wave, and when the ocean’s flat, there’s just nothing...
ride an electric longboard

Should you use electric skateboard for commute?

Electric skateboards have become a popular mode of transportation in recent years, and for good reason. They are fun, convenient,...
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Ekate Shopping

Is an Electric Skateboard Worth It

If you've ever been to a big city, chances are you've seen...
Definition of Eskate

Do You Know What is Electric Skateboards?

An E-Skate board is a motorized version of a traditional skateboard that...
Benefits of E-Skateboards

Comparison Between Motorized Skate Board and Ordinary Skateboard

Electric Skateboards are rapidly gaining popularity and development. In this blog post,...
Off-road Skateboarding

History and Development of Electric Skateboards

Motorized Longboards have now entered the mainstream, and they're here to stay....
Longboard for Commuting

All the important parameters of a Motorized Longboard

Veymax Skate boards are becoming more popular as a convenient and eco-friendly...
Veymax's Video
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