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Water-resistant Electric Skateboard

How Does Water Resistance Works in Electric Skateboards?

Water resistance plays an integral role in electric skateboards, and understanding how it works can help you make informed decisions...
Veymax Electric Longboard Remote

Why Do Electric Skateboards Need Remotes?

There are several different types of electric skateboard remotes, but they all serve the same purpose, which is to control...
Water Resistance in E-boards

Understanding Water Resistance in Electric Skateboards

Compact, efficient, eco-friendly electric skateboards are jumping out of their shiny boxes and straight onto roads and bike lanes worldwide....
Eco-friendly Electric Vehicle

Can electric skateboards replace fuel vehicles for commuting?

Electric skateboards are becoming a more and more popular choice around the world for traveling, but will they ever really...
Safely Riding Veymax Boards

Can You Use A Cell Phone When Riding An E-Skateboard?

Electric skateboards offer an environmentally friendly way to travel and commute, so it's no surprise they've rocketed in popularity, but...
Long Range Electric Skateboards

How far can you travel with your e-skateboard?

If you're trying to decide if an electric skateboard is right for you and your travel needs, it's important to...
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benefits for riding e-boards

Benefits of riding electric skateboards for the elderly

When we think of electric skateboards, we usually think of young and...
Veymax Electric Skateboard Battery

How to choose the right battery for electric skateboard?

Electric skateboards are becoming more and more popular every year, and for...
Rise of Electric Skateboards

The Rise of Electric Skateboards is Revolutionizing Urban Commuting

In the fast-paced world of urban transportation, electric skateboards have become a...
Battery Performance of E-boards

How the battery performance electric skateboard affected by temperature?

Temperature is an important factor affecting the performance and lifespan of lithium-ion...
Knowledge of Esk8 Motors

Electric Skateboard Motors- A Performance Guide

Entering the world of electric skateboards can be quite intimidating due to...
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