How to Clean the Grip Tape on an E-skateboard?

Clean the Griptape of E-board

Whatever sport you do, you need to take care of the equipment and clean it. Skateboarding is no exception.

There are many factors that can cause a board to fail, and sometimes it's just that the owner isn't cleaned their electric skateboards regularly. The most common is that your grip tapes are dirty and need to be cleaned. Yes, these are washable, no need to replace every single dirty tape, or even the skateboard, immediately. Even the dirtiest skid strips can be cleaned up.

How does the grip tape get dirty?

If you ride your e-board very often, then the problem of a dirty tape will not always be relevant for you. Although if the park is concrete, then the dust from this material will constantly settle on the grip tape. In the street, if you don't clean your sneakers before get on your Veymax Skateboard, the skate tape gets dirty from your feet. It gets dirty from spilled drinks, from glued chewing gum, from a candle from the edge, falling into puddles and so on, so on, so on. The street may be one continuous mud, especially in the rainy season.

As a result, you get a grip tape that is filled with some kind of dirt and the leading foot just slips over it. You won’t get pleasure from riding such a grip tape, and new tricks will be given as difficult as possible.

Note, please do not directly wash your electric skateboard with a lot of water, it is absolutely not allowed. Now, we will provide several simple and most convenient ways to clean your skateboard griptapes.

1. Grip eraser for skateboard (or emery "grip gum")

This innovative development in electric skateboarding appeared not so long ago. A grip tape eraser looks like a regular piece of rubber, but feels like a Chinese anti-slip mat (maybe it can also be used to clean sandpaper). Now almost every brand produces its own erasers, which essentially differ only in shape.

Clean E-board by Eraser

An eraser for grip tape just costs 5 dollars or even less, in the United States. On some online shop, you can buy the same product in terms of properties and form factor.

The eraser does a really good job with dust and some small dirt on a motorized skateboard. But some greasy stain or something like that, the cleaning effect of the eraser is not so good. It is worth noting that the very frequent use of the eraser obviously worsens the gripping properties of the griptape. This is because you clean the coating due to friction, and the grip crystals become dull at this moment and in the future they will "order to live a long time." Therefore, the eraser should be used 1 time after riding, but do not bother with hourly grinding of the tape on the spot.

2. Vacuum cleaner

This miracle of technology copes much better with slightly stubborn dust on your motorized longboard. If we take an ordinary soiled griptape and clean it on one side with a vacuum cleaner and the other with an eraser, the difference will be obvious.

A normal duster with a power of 1500 W without any nozzles on a bare hose will suck dust from the grip tape well. You will be surprised how clean it can be. The main thing is not to use the washing version of the vacuum cleaner. And, do not scrub hard with plastic on the sandpaper, otherwise you will leave stains and do not clean the grip tape normally.

This method has a drawback, you need a vacuum cleaner, which not everyone has.

3. Hard brush

This method is a kind of "combine" of a vacuum cleaner and an eraser for the tape. The size of the brush can be any, at your discretion. The most important thing is that its pile is as rigid as possible. With simple movements from one edge of the concave to the other (it is better to clean exactly along the width), push the dust out of the board. The pressure on the brush is moderate, so that the dust flies away from the board without damaging the griptape.

Clean E-board by Brush

Of course, this procedure should not be carried out at home. Clean the deck after a ride and you'll find this clean effortless.

In the end, choose the best cleaning method for you and don't let your sandpaper get dirty. Usually, beginners can take a long time to "roll out" their boards, and a dirty griptape can seriously shorten the effective use of an e-skateboard.

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