What's the best electric skateboard for commuting?

What's the best electric skateboard for commuting?


Driving to and from work can be a big time waster. Long lines of cars or overcrowded public transport will take your time and might leave you in an altogether bad mood. Electrical skateboarding provides an elegant and pragmatic alternative.

The electric powered cars accomplish the city streets smoothly saving you time and at the same time minimizing your environmental impact. You would be able to avoid traffic jams by gliding your way to destinations and getting there fresh and prepared.

If you are curious how to know about best electric skateboard for commuting then fear not. Veymax, a reliable dealer of electric skateboard with remote, offers a whole range of skateboards to address your commuting requirements.

Let’s explore this guide to choose reliable skateboard for you.

Essential Features of a Commuter-Friendly Electric Skateboard

Deciding the most suitable electric skateboard for your daily commute is always a challenging task. As the market is flooded with various features and options, it is even more essential to choose products that make your daily rides more efficient and pleasant. Here's a breakdown of essential features to consider for a comfortable, convenient, and safe electric commute:

1. Range and Battery Life

Similarly to an automobile, a full battery is as life-lasting as a tank of a reliable car; so, your electric skateboard needs the same to ensure a enjoyable commute.

Here's why battery life is crucial for daily commutes:

  • Peace of Mind:Although your travel may be affected by the time you realize there is no more juice left in the middle of the journey. A good range puts aside the probability that at any time during travel you might run out of electricity while you are away from one of the charging points.
  • Fewer Charges, More Rides:You get more rides for one charge which makes you independent about having to stop again to recharge in addition to the time you spend charging.

Veymax Electric Skateboards for Long-Distance Commutes

Veymax is offering eskate under its brand that produces an impressive mileage to commute daily. Here are two examples:

  • Veymax Roadster X4S:This board is equiped with an impressive 18-mile range on a single charge, great for commuters or, spoilt, as they may put it, riders who want some extra feel of security.
  • Veymax Cejour:The range of Cejour is between 13 miles, but it works just fine for shorter trips or city inhabitants who spend the day in the office and store the bike at home.

However, keep in mind that real-life range differs from the estimation based on factors such as rider weight, topography, and be riding style. These models essentially are great beginner bikes with the reliability factor in mind if one wants to be on the road soon.

2. Speed and Motor Power

Though a fast driving is an attractive idea, but seeking a balance for the commute is more important. The top speed of a typical skateboard is between 15-30 miles per hour; but some speedier versions can go above that of speed.

For urbanity purposes, give preference to glove compartment and hurdle over sheer speed. A -board in the 15-20 mph- range is designed for giving enough space from cars and the streets but still allowing you to dodge the traffic and make it to your destination on time.

Motor power complements speed. A good motor creeps up the hills and the gnarliest spots of all without spilling an atom of sweat. Veymax has different motorized skateboard for you to choose from depending on your requirements. And these allow you to go at the speed that suits you, and achieve the best climbing of a hill for your commute.

3. Portability and Weight

This is totally a wake-up call where we can say that the board is unnecessary when we consider it to be a convenient commute. Though electric skateboards have different weights and form factors, the lightest skateboard weighs only 6 kgs, which is what makes a portable and convenient model highly desired. Now imagine no more using buses, street cars, or storing you board under the office desk.

Veymax is designed for those who have swarms of shopping needs with different variations. Here's a comparison of two of their models:Here's a comparison of two of their models:

  • Veymax Anchoret Carbon All-Terrain:This board weighs only 8.1kg and constitutes a relatively lighter model, considering it's capabilities. Consider it when you prioritize portability. Meanwhile, think about this bike as an option if you have to ply rough roads or, worse, gravel and dirt paths.
  • Veymax Cejour Electric Skateboard Portable for Beginner:As a best electric skateboard for college it is 9.3kg and this puts it in the moderately portable range. This board concentrate on portability and thus suitable for riders who care about easy handling and storage. Such member is perfect for starting riders.

Nevertheless, your decision should be in accordance to your mode of travel and how you intend to move with your board. As for the Anchoret, if you value being able to fold it up completely and don't mind losing some features it could be what your've been looking for. If you consider portability versus user-friendliness a pivotal issue, then the Cejour mini electric skateboard could be a viable option.

4. Durability and Build Quality

A sturdy frame of your electric skateboard is going to be the best friend, which is part of your daily commuting mission, so building it tough should be the priority. Here's why durability matters:

  • Safety First:An optimal electric longboard install feel to provide secure and appropriate riding. The ‘flimsy’ strength of the materials can break the device and can cause people to get injuries.
  • Long-lasting Investment:An electric skateboard is worthy investments of you are a performance-oriented rider or if you have the financial means. The boards are composed of sturdy materials that ensure that your board stands against daily wear and tear. You can enjoy the advantage of using Veymax electric longboards for sale for an extended period.

5. Materials for a Smooth Ride:

Veymax prioritizes quality construction using industry-standard materials known for their strength and performance:

  • Canadian Maple + Fiberglass:This timeless deck is constructed of a perfect mixture of stiffness and flex which allows it to hold a stable composition when riding for commuting and to turn on quickly while riding aerially. The Canadian maple provides the racket for its strength and aesthetic pop while the Fiberglass provides the reinforcement and stiffness within the racket.
  • Polyurethane (PU) Wheels:The PU wheels create an equilibrium past friction, strength and shock absorption. They're always in-sync while rode in cities and versatile to get rid of potholes or uneven surfaces on the way.

Through the high-quality materials that Veymax uses on their boards, Veymax can ensure that their boards can handle the pressure that goes with daily riding. So you stay in confidence no matter how long you will be riding.

6. Safety Considerations

Security must be the primary concern of yours while using an electric skateboard as a transportation. Here's a breakdown of essential safety features and riding tips for a smooth and secure urban commute:

7. Essential Safety Features:

Brakes: A good brake, therefore, is something which you should never compromise on because safe braking helps to stop safely. Get electric skateboard models with either the disc brakes or the regenerative brakes feature for a strong braking ability.

Lights: Become visible and stay clear with frontality and the rear-illumination. Some boards come with brake electric skateboard lights for emergency situations that might help increase safety while on the road.

8. Safe Riding in the City:

Through ensuring the safety components picked well and adhering to these tips, you can turn your electric skateboard rides into an exhilarating and safe adventure.

  • Gear Up: Defend yourself with a helmet, elbow and knee pads, wrist guards to protect yourself fully. The consequences of a slip can be quite serious once you leave yourself out of the race of the safety.
  • Know the Rules:Research the zoning of skateboards in your area and make sure that you are in compliance with the local laws. Some areas can admit restriction in speed, consider use zones, or apply for being granted permits.
  • Ride Defensively:Stay aware for the dangers around you or namely pedestrians, potholes and uneven terrain. Impose a safe speed gap and not go through and through the lanes.
  • Start Slow:In case you’re a new electric skateboarder try exercising in a supervised low traffic environment to get the feel of it before hitting speeds up to 20 miles. Incrementally you will elevate the mileage and comfort level as you acquire some experience.

9. Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

Even if the price of an e-skatebaord might seem high for you at the first glance, look at it as the investment you make into a new way of commuting from home to office. Here's why electric skateboards can be a cost-effective choice:Here's why electric skateboards can be a cost-effective choice:

  • Long-Term Savings: Parking which so often goes in tandem with fuel becomes irrelevant when riding an electric skateboard. With time, you can make down the overall spending by purchasing fuel and on the parking space in comparison to the initial cost of the bike.
  • Reduced Commuter Costs:Finally it is the time to say "Goodbye" to high public transport rates or ride-sharing costs. Your own electric skateboard turns to be that environmental-friendly and economic transportation method instead of buses or trains.

The very obvious one is an amount of maintenance cost. Last but not the least; frequent checking of the board and the replacement of the parts such as electric skateboard wheels and belts should be practiced.

Veymax ensure electric skateboard parts replacement to give normal board life is ensured. In the course of time, having a regularly maintained e-skateboard could keep you on track on the city for many consecutive years provided that you will still be interested in it.

Top Electric Skateboards for Commuting

Although its difficult to choose reliable skateboard due to a lot of options. But with right strategy you can go with high quality eskate. If you are still curious then explore Veymax for different types of skateboards.

1. Veymax Roadster X4

The Veymax Roadster X4 electric skateboard is a performance machine made for the daily commute, as capable of reaching high speeds as it is of riding long distances. With its maximum range of 13-18 miles and logging a top speed of 29 mph, this big wheel electric skateboard definitely gives you a ride to remember. The 105mm polyurethane wheels with a good shock resistance and the bash guards which are made of highly durable material are also features of this ride. The Roadster X4 get the Samsung battery installed and it is surely a long-lasting companion.



  • Range: 13-18 miles
  • Top Speed: 29 mph
  • Wheels: 105mm Polyurethane
  • Motor Power: 2x550W
  • Battery: Samsung
  • Weight: 9.3kg


  • Long range and fast speed
  • Comfortable ride with shock-absorbing wheels
  • Durable construction with bash guards
  • Long-lasting Samsung battery


  • Heavier weight
  • Larger wheels may not be suitable for all terrains

2. Veymax Cejour

The Veymax Cejour is an eclectic electric skateboard with a portable design that caters for the commuters. It guarantees superior performance without sacrificing convenience. Being designed to reach from 13 to 18 miles and speeding up to 28 mph it is pretty good in riding. Featuring a handle that makes your life easier, this best electric skateboard under 500 is created just for those who're always in a hurry and love using the skateboard for their short-distance commute.


  • Range: 13-18 miles
  • Top Speed: 28 mph
  • Wheels: 90mm Polyurethane
  • Motor Power: 2x550W
  • Battery: 18650 2500mAh/SAMSUNG 21700 40T
  • Weight: 9.3kg


  • Long range and fast speed
  • Portable design with convenient handle


  • Heavier weight
  • Larger wheels may not be ideal for all terrains compared to Anchoret Carbon

3. Veymax Anchoret Carbon

Veymax Carbon Anchoret Skateboard is the ultimate electric skateboard for the professional speed demons and enthusiasts of off-road adventures. With an impressive range of 29 miles and a top speed of 34 mph, this board makes a ride as fast & fun as can be. This state of the art 3500W motors using 165mm cyclone tires climbs mountains and sturdy roads without any tiresome.


  • Range: 29 miles
  • Top Speed: 34 mph
  • Wheels: 165mm Cyclone Tires
  • Motor Power: 2x3500W
  • Battery: 453.6Wh
  • Weight: 8.1kg


  • Longest range and fastest speed
  • Lightweight design for easy maneuverability
  • Powerful motors for hill climbing
  • All-terrain capabilities with large wheels


  • Most expensive option
  • Larger and heavier wheels may affect portability compared to other models


The ideal commuting electric skateboard offers a perfect blend of features: range that surpasses your commute distance, a reasonable pace to run on urban roads, and size that doesn't take much space for carrying and storing. The durability of this mini electric skateboard makes you feel like a safe and long-lasting ride, while the safety features like brakes and lights keep you safe.

Veymax embodies different models of electric skateboards over which these features rule supreme. Regardless of whether you prefer a long-range reliability or a portable and lightweight design, Veymax’s riding platform has a model for your use.

Although, a properly maintained electric skateboard can provide you with a cost-efficient and convenient alternative to your regular commutes. Thus, get rid of the strawberry jam and feel the freedom of the electrifying experience of the electric skateboard!

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