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lithium battery of eskate

How to Properly Charge an Electric Motorized Skateboard

How to properly charge the Motorized E-Longboard's battery is probably one of the biggest concerns of new users of this...
riding an eboard

How Fast Can an E-Skateboard Run?

The introduction of Motorized Longboards revolutionized the skating experience. This portable mode of transportation also helps make short trips more...
veymax board riding

What Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying Electric Skateboards?

Buying an Motorized E-Longboard is no longer complicated. Just check the options you need and find the most suitable board....
e-skateboard commuting

Common faults of Motorized Longboards

Time to start skating. You want to start with a practical, affordable, and lightweight skateboard that you can use for...
electric surfboard injuries

The Common Injuries of Electric Surfboarding

In the world of water sports, injuries are possible, if not common. Electric Surfboards are no exception. Talk to any...
veymax skateboarding blue

Start Enjoying the Fun of Electric Skateboards

Transportation patterns are changing. Some sports, like skateboarding, which were once purely sporty or recreational, are undergoing a real revolution....
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Benefits of Electric Surfing

What Does Surfing Do to Your Body?

Surfing is a great sport. Not only will it give you a...
Dispose of Discarded Eskate Batteries

How to Dispose of Discarded Electric Skateboard Batteries?

New energy vehicles have become a new fashion in consumption, and E-Skateboards...
Abnormal Noises of Eskate Motor

Reasons for the Abnormal Sound of Electric Skateboard Motor?

Factory and maintenance engineers on Electric Motorized Longboards tend to seem to...
Maintenance for Veymax Skateboard

How to Maintain Electric Skateboard Batteries?

Maintaining the Motorized Longboard battery is a necessary maintenance work to ensure...
Knowledge of Hydrofoil Esurfboard

What is an Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard?

An Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard uses a combination of electric propulsion, hydrofoils, and...
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