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Longboard for Commuting

All the important parameters of a Motorized Longboard

Veymax Skate boards are becoming more popular as a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. When choosing an E-Skateboard, there...
Black Veymax Board

Daily Usage Scenarios of Veymax Longboards

Electric Skate boards are a great option for transportation in various situations. Here are some scenarios where an Motorized Long...
Veymax Electric Skateboard

Why Cheap Electric Skateboards Are Not Recommended to Buy?

Would you recommend electric skateboards to your friends? Are the skateboards you are going to recommend expensive or cheap and...
Transport Electric Skateboards

How E-Skateboards Can Be Your Alternative Urban Transport

Traffic jams, parking hassles—going from point A to point B in a city can be exhausting. Veymax believes buying a...
Motorized Longboard Locks

How to Use an Electric Skateboard Lock?

Once you've chosen a lock for your eskate, it's important to know how to use it properly. The most common...
Lock Electric Skateboards

How to prevent theft of electric skateboards?

I believe those who play skateboards or motorized skateboards have encountered such problems. When you go to the supermarket to...
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veymax board riding

What Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying Electric Skateboards?

Buying an Motorized E-Longboard is no longer complicated. Just check the options...
e-skateboard commuting

Common faults of Motorized Longboards

Time to start skating. You want to start with a practical, affordable,...
electric surfboard injuries

The Common Injuries of Electric Surfboarding

In the world of water sports, injuries are possible, if not common....
veymax skateboarding blue

Start Enjoying the Fun of Electric Skateboards

Transportation patterns are changing. Some sports, like skateboarding, which were once purely...
veymax skateboard electric

Off-roading an Electric Longboard

Going off-road with an E-Skateboard is an exciting and increasingly popular activity,...
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