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veymax skateboard electric

Off-roading an Electric Longboard

Going off-road with an E-Skateboard is an exciting and increasingly popular activity, allowing riders to explore new terrain and tackle...
electric skateboard back

Comparison Between Electric Skateboards and Normal Skateboards

An electric skateboard refers to a skateboard driven by electricity. Unlike ordinary skateboards, these electric skateboards only need to press...
veymax skateboard black

The Different Types and Benefits of Electric Skateboards

Benefits and types of skateboards of Electric Skateboards. Electric skateboards are the latest trend in alternative transportation. Many environmentally conscious...
working principle of e-surfboard

How Was an Electric Surfboard Work?

Electric surfboards work by using an electric motor and rechargeable batteries to propel the rider through the water. The drive...
definition of e skateboard

Do You Know What Are Electric Skateboards?

An E-Skate board is a motorized version of a traditional skateboard that uses an electric motor to propel the board...
improve electric skateboards

How Can I Improve My Electric Skateboard?

When you own a Motorized Skateboard, you want it to be better in every way, like running faster, looking better,...
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Veymax E-skateboard Wheels

How to Choose the Right Electric Skateboard Wheels?

As an Electric Skateboarder, there are a few things you should know...
Fix Waterlogged Electric Skateboards

How to Fix a Water-logged Electric Skateboard?

What if the motorized skateboard gets wet? If your board gets water,...
Best Eskate for Commuting

What Is the Best Electric Skateboard for Commuting?

When choosing an electric skateboard for your commute, there are a few...
Battery Law of Eskate

The Battery Law of Electric Skateboards

This article is written for newbies in the world of E-Longboards who...
Bearings for Electric Skateboards

What You Need to Know About Electric Skateboard Bearings?

What is a bearing? Skateboard bearings are round metal pieces that fit...
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